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Garen/teed to dominate your Lane

Loki029 Last updated on February 10, 2017
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Natural Talent
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Cunning: 18

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Resolve: 12

Threats to Garen with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Galio 100% Win Chance Vs Galio. At least I had, Just dodge his Abilities, use W for everything, Your Silence destroys him completly.
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I´m a passionated Garen Player and will be one till the end. Why do i pick Garen and not Tryndamere or Irelia if they are so strong? Yes, why... but i do believe that a tank with unbelievable high damage and movement Speed, with sustain and a true damage execute skill to shutdown the most fed enemy is way better.

Garen is a high potential Champion wich is known as one of the highest anti- outplay Champion in LoL existing. I do have nearly all Champs and most of them lvl 2, the only at the same "skill-outplay" lvl as Garen are: EVERYONE, the only difference is the one playing the champ and his skill, why even bother writing noob champ in the Chat try it yourself if you think that every noob can Play Garen good. Every Champ has his Pros and Cons, The Differnece why i Play Garen is: My whole Item Build nullify´s Garen his Cons: CC Mercurys or Dervish(even movment Speed to escape or attack), Banshees (The enemy Needs already at least 2 CC to get me cc´d),Spirit Visage ( i have high Sustain and heal like Mundo).

Decide if You use Steraks for shield or Maw for Shield and both for high Damage without any Logical sense. And now the most unfair Thing: Garen his Tower diving. Normally when i Tower dive i get cc and die, but as Garen you dive in use your w and YOU CAN STAY RIGHT UNDER IT (Hint: you can start Dancing if you want to Show your superiorty of Champ) if the towershots stack and reach 3 stacks your w is on cd use ohm to dive further ( or use ultimate to kill him and run out as fast as you can ^^ )... and if you have cought 2 cc and your steraks is on cd then you easy got what you want in the teamfights, It is a free Card for your ADC to Show his damage and giving them the Chance to glance while you get the damage and all the important cc s without any meaning. If they ignore you, then kill them.

Please comment wich Champ (exept Olaf,Tryndamere) can towerdive longer while dealing that high damage beeing that fast and heal back to full hp within 7 seconds after the fight is over.

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How to win you Game ?

Garen is an early mid and espescially late game god if you know how to Play him correct.
His full kit serves him well. He can easy "outplay" 3 vs 1 and lets the enemys going rage mode for beeing so damn tanky that they don t even scratch you, while dealing tons of damage and may even towerdiving and killing them. Notice Garen is a Champ that is nearly impossible to outplay and can t really get pushed out of his Lane. It will be difficult to carry a Team but even when your bot is 0 and 16 you can carry them with ease if you win your lane and don t make stupid decision making. Like going into 1 vs 5 without Help or follow up.

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What to build on Garen? Ad ? Hp ? What is better ?

Garen can build anything exept Ap and Mana for beeing ******** strong. You may be wondering if Garen is even difficult to Play, because everybody will say: Garen, ah easy Champion, no skill at all... Just proove them wrong, Garen can outplay too, well it is like using your silence on Targets like Katarina, vel koz, jhin to Interupt their ult. Even if they think they are save using their ult within their Teams cover, Garen can trun around use w Flash q , maybe ult him if he is the villian and take him with you before going down, saving your own Team and killing the important Enemy Adc, mid etc...

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Garen is one of the best Bullys in the Game and will dominate from early till late if he isn´t stopped or pulled down by his own decisions.

Garen loves to eat damage from important spells like ults, running away and joining back to the fight after 4 seconds recovery, with full health.

If Teams aren´t Aware of Garen he can literally destroy the best Team positioning just by running with q towards them and going for the Villian. ( Really don´t do this if your Team is not around, do it if your Adc is ready to engage and you believe that he does enough damage.

If the enemy Team is stupid enough to Focus on Garen, your Team has a free Card to ace them, with maybe you not even going down !

Garen ult can shutdown the most fed enemy and give his Team a better Chance to win teamfights maybe while even surviving the takedown of the villian.

Garen has an incredible ( sometimes unused potential of rapid Hp Gaining with his Passive ) sustain in Lane ( Hint: Don´t Forget too go back too and buy items, if he went back and you would have more than enough Hp too stay ).

Garen Doesn´t "NEED" Teleport, he can Charge up to the front with his Q fast enough between 1 wave.

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Snares, Cc, getting outranged and poked easy are the only cons and which champ just have such less cons ?

You can eliminate this cons if you build scimitar and maybe banshees but you should be sure about building them or not. A skilled Morgana, Blitzcrank, Vayne or Twisted Fate can be reasons.

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Tipps and Tricks

AAreset: a a q -- fast enough to kill a ward if you react immediately

Ignite before ulting enemy adc with soraka as Support to minimize their healing reviced

use q to cut off escapes come to lane faster and silence to stop them from Flash or may save themselve like kayle (ult,heal), Fiora (W), all other champs with invisibility, jumps etc.

use your w to high sustain while trading and don´t even bother by using your w often, yes it has a high cooldown early, but it is worth every hp you have left to spare.

Just damn make a use of your passive and beeing manaless. but don t stay too Long in the lane when you have enough Gold and enough pushed to buy an item and coming back before loosing an Tower or a minion Wave.

The e is now garen s main source of Damage in teamfights, it has a low CD, can be used for some poke,creepfarm and can be used vs a shen (e doesn´t coun´t as AA), The armor Penetration is insane with Black Cleaver and Executioniers Calling.

Just to know sometimes it is more important to shutdown an not villian with your ult than trying to get the villian.

And even if the villian is low hp ALWAYS look their score and if he is maybe baiting and just rush him if beeing sure to 200% to kill them without help

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How to survive the laning phase and Usefull Tipps and Tricks for Trading

Farm is the Key, deny farm with your E in your or his creeps to give him poke and kill creeps, don t do this vs ruckus, Ryze, Vlademir or any ranged Top ADC.

Try to use your passive and regain some hp after a trade or fight.

Use hp plant to your Advantage

Try to trade with your creeps after his creeps died, they give you the edge about getting outtraded or not

Try to AA- reset fast and often / Garen´s damage Comes at the half of the Animation, means you can cancel the Animation after the damage immediatelly and do 2 AA instead of one theoretically ( try it before going into a ranked it Needs some skill and is difficult to do everytime but you will get used to it )

Greenfather currently has a bug that allows Garen to be high op if you know how: Greenfather deals 3% of the enemy max hp as Magic damage if you come out of a bush, if you use E the 3% damage will be done but won t reset, means you can do 6*3% max damage vs the tank + villian 1% true damage scaling with ad armor pen ... hrmm... i mean lethality ( still says armor pen in E description). Summery you can burn with 0 Ad 24% of his max hp.

E and Q can crit, consider The damage Output of Garen as one of the most op things in LoL, once my own Team reported me as Hacker because i dealt more damage than our adc and midlane together while having 2,7k hp and some resistances (higher crit damage in the runes are really strong if you are sure that you can build crit)

to start a trade use Q to signalize him that you may be coming, use E if he isnt dodging, cancel E half a second before Q runs out to get the max damage without getting damage back. Q and E don t Count as AA so his creeps won t attack you.

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Mindset and how to react

ALWAYS be friendly, nobody Needs a flaming Garen.

Try to think about something cheering you up if you get ganked the 5th time within the first 10 min, like : Wow they are so frightened of me soo they try to push me out of Game early ( no Chance Garen can´t be pushed out)

Play safe, don´t overextend

If your enemy stays on Lane with low hp the enemy jungler could be nearby, ping your jungler to come and you may can get 2 kills for your Team.

Use the Villian to your Advantage. Roam often to the Lane with the Villian and shut him down as often as you can with your Laner so that they will tilt or Play defensive under their Tower afraid of your ultimate.

Silence Flamers in your Team, don t follow trolls if they go into a 1 vs 5, may halp them too escape but don t if you could die.

Try to guide your Team with pings or Chat

Don´t get tiltet abour an enemy suviving with 1- 100 hp you will still have many chances too kill them

Sometimes be greedy sometimes don´t

Roam often, use your Q to be fast at roaming, Youmous is a very strong item on Garen build it for THE ESCAPES or THE ENGAGES or THE TOWERDIVES or maybe even for THE CHASES ! ok let´s be serious and honest, Garen Needs Movement Speed, it´s his only gap closer with Flash, if you Need some build scimitar, youmous or Deadmans may evenB.c

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Ranked Play

Try to AA- reset fast and often / Garen´s damage Comes at the half of the Animation, means you can cancel the Animation after the damage immediatelly and do 2 AA instead of one theoretically ( try it before going into a ranked it Needs some skill and is difficult to do everytime but you will get used to it )

Garen his Charge has a very high damage early, but with armor pen and greenfathers bug Garen deals way more micxed with E.