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Last updated on May 17, 2013
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Darius Build


aight guys. I am high as **** so i am gonna give this a shot. gigaDarius is a bad *** Darius. The idea is to stack damage + hp. and thats it.
Start with a health crystal, farm. Get some coin. then the fun part begins. Aight. Before that. I need to explain why this is called "gigaDarius". You need one badass of a **********er who has it all. The beep boop blitzdaoop pull of a skill called apprehendA***** and. u got the spin to slap a biotch skill called ***ing decimateThat***. then not to mention the blood stacks already mounted up. And also. He is called gigaDarius cuz i was thinking of a skin of Darius with a theme from the Gurren Lagan and Darius ult as the giga drill breaker... lol.

The goal is to get attack speed+ every single 1000hp health there is. + atmas. (*** U NERF).

and for fun. get hydras. >:D