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Gragas vs Gragas

Last updated on May 22, 2013
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Tanky APC


No matter

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Gragas Build

Table of Contents
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Mark: magic pen
Seal: flat magic res
Glyph: magic res per lvl
Quint: AP flat

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+5magic res +3.5 armor

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First sorceress shoes, for escaping from Q and E also +15magic pen.
2-catalyst, ultimate sustain, cast much skils and push the lane. Enemy gragas cant farm well under his turret
3-athenes unholy grail, %20cdr for more skil, magic res + ultimate mana sustain. Gragas uses mana much so you will need this.
4-banshee, (catalyst is gone) enemy gragas cant hurt you once in a 25 sec, maybe you wont get hit by his ulti... have to buy this. most important.
5-abysal, magic res again! and also gives magic pen for more damage.
6-for burst you can build rabaddon+deathfire grasp. first deathfire then q+e+r insta mash!
7-or you can go a litle tanky again and gurantee push and win tactic with Visage(for your passive and WoF) and will of ancients.