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graves heavy ad build

Last updated on November 13, 2012
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item build reasons

dorans blade: this item is great for early game damage.
boots: they will help you catch up to yr fleeing opponents.
dagger: they help to set up the phantom that every ranged ad carry needs.
vampiric sceptre: this will help you to gain health when you're close to death and you need some minion farm.
berserkers greaves: these just help you to get some extra hits on you're enemies.
zeal: this will help you to dispatch of your enemies faster and it's a great tool for minion farm.
blood thirster: this will give you that damage that you need while providing some survivability.
phantom dancer: this will just allow you to get more survivability from your blood thirster.
giants belt: this item will allow you to survive a bit longer in team fights.
B.F sword: this will give you a bit more damage and help you towards that infinity edge.