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Gravest's Fiddlesticks build

Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Just thought some dudes would like to see how I play Fiddle. I've been playing for a month and really enjoying Fiddle's warlock-like play.

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For Runes, I like to play all primaries. I find a lot of guides use a lot of spell penetration. Spell penetration is only effective on champions with spell damage reduction. You will find that many champions will stack things like crit, attack speed, ability power, or health and on and on. I don't find many people stacking Magic Resist, so I don't play too much resist.

Red Runes: Spell Penetration
Yellow Runes: Mana/5
Blue Runes: Ability Power
Quintessences: Ability Power

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Skill Sequence

Most damage early game is going to come from dark wind. I deals a lot of damage. I usually wait to throw it when there are 2 minions and a champion next to each other. Throw a fear and a dark wind and watch the damage rack up.