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Mordekaiser Build Guide by grvmm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author grvmm


grvmm Last updated on August 20, 2014
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Chapter 1

Sell haunting guise for a Void Staff if they have alot of MR or what I normally get is an abyssal scepter for more MR myself.

The whole idea with this is to farm until you get your first two defense items pretty much then rape everyone because you're a tanky dps with all them magic pen. Always take the solo lane, and rape as many creep as you can to keep that white bar up to continue farming.

Early Game you have 40-50 magic pen. so you can deal pretty much true damage to everyone, if not more from lowering there MR below 0 ( if you can even do that? ) so you don't need any really items but require more farm for late game so get them GP/5 items baby.

Mid Game you get more magic pen to keep up with there levels and MR. continue doing what you do. Farm. untill you get them defense items Chain mail and Neg. cloak. Then team fight when you need to. but farm farm farm. or win if they just suck and can't kill you.

End game sell the boots for all the potions and just walk done mid with your team and win because you don't need to kill them to win so you don't need to chase anyone, tank any turrets and just fight them under them. nothing will be able to kill you pretty much being a full tank with crd, high ap, and spell vamp. yOu are everything in the game but a ad carry at that point.