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Heimerdinger Build Guide by dartwaffle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dartwaffle

Heimerdinger - Mid Lane Master

dartwaffle Last updated on April 24, 2014
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As you start off, you want to spend your first skill point (AFTER you have bought your starting items) on your Q, so you can deploy a turret. When you reach the center of the mid lane, place your turret a little closer to the opponent's turret (also, get here ASAP, so you can place as many turrets as possible). If you manage to get there early enough before the minions spawn, place as many there as you can, on the exact spot of your other turret. This will confuse the opponent, and will maximize damage, but also makes your turrets easier to kill earlier in the game.
Also, if you really want to win, drink Monster. I am dead serious. I won a game in under 25 minutes when I drank it, and won my others 30+ minutes. It works. No joke.

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Heimer Matches

I'll be uploading most of my Heimer games here, some will have tips. A whole game I played vs. Ziggs in mid, this has a few tips, also.