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Alistar Build Guide by paynehunter

League of Legends Build Guide Author paynehunter

how to diana

paynehunter Last updated on February 10, 2016
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Alistar Build

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My in-game name is luffy18 and i'm a gold 2 player right now(former platinum 3 in season 5).I main a large variety of champions but my most preferred ones are assassins.Diana is a great assassin with a lot of burst and sustained damage.After reading this guide you should be able to learn pretty much everything there is to Diana.

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The standard AP rune page is okay for Diana.After you play a dozens of games with diana you can adjust you page a little,by this i mean you can swap mr blues for ap blues if you feel you don't need the mr for example,but in my opinion it doesn't make mch of a difference if you play your champion right.Runes are mostly to help your early game.

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Pretty much the standar 12/18/0 page for assassins.I wouldn't change anything here.Diana is an assassin and should be played as one.Bruiser or tanky Diana is not that good as she is not tanky enough for a tank and doesn;t have any sustain.