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hybrid lifesteal ganking machine

Last updated on March 15, 2014
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reasons this build works...
elder lizard- jungle clear ans AD (sell this after lvl 11)
bork/ DFG - for quick ganks, sustain and CC
Ninja tabi-you will need this beacuse in a team fight you will be 1v1 against the enemy ADC
rage blade- by the time you buy this item you will be in team fight phase, you will need the sustain and the attack speed. being in a team fight you have to fight the entire team so the passive will be extremley useful seeing that you will below 50% hp for the majority of the fight.
final items(situational)
Guardian angel- if your team is behind
Black cleaver - if the enemy is building armor
void staff - if enemey is building magic resist
last whisprt - if you are ahead of the enemy team