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Lee Sin General Guide by Jealot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jealot

I don't see you,but i know you're dead - Lee sin

Jealot Last updated on December 29, 2012
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Item choices

You need the health to get into melee range.Plus the regen helps.

Frozen Mallet
Flat damage and HP.No explaining needed.

Revival at lategame is vital to winning or not.

Atmas Impaler
The armour for more sustain in fights and increased AD and crit chance.

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Skill-to-use order [TEAMFIGHT]

You go in with your Sonic wave into resonating strike.It's vital that you land on a carry.
After that use your Tempest>Cripple to damage and slow enemies.
If you/ally is low on HP use your Safeguard to save them,if that is not enough use your Dragon's rage to push back anybody that is a threat to your team.

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Harass with lee sin is simple.
Send your Sonic wave>Resonating strike on to the enemy/minion and use tempest,after that use safeguard to get away.A simple sonic wave is weak but would suffice to keep your enemies away from the farm and xp.

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Why no jungle?

This build requires lots of gold,and the jungle does provide the farm you can get in toplane.

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Get the Dragon Fist skin.I INSIST.


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