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Garen Build Guide by Sw0rdRulleR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sw0rdRulleR

I Garen(tee) victory! [work in progress]

Sw0rdRulleR Last updated on April 18, 2013
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This is my first build, and i hope it can bring you some help, so you can dominate top lane in twisted. By now i only will do twisted builds, cause is the map im playing more frequently for now.

Hope you like it ;)

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Well masteries, i personaly use more the 9/21, once they give me some extra resistance, against champions like irelia. But there are many times when you can use 21/9 without having any problems. My option always depends on my team, if they are tanky or not.

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I use quints and marks armor penetratrion cause im my opinion is the best combination for garen, once the E does tons of damage late game, being armor and magic resit seals and glyphs the ones that you use every time. You can also use quints of movement but i personaly dont think the extra movent will give you any benefit once you can use ghost.

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Skill Sequence

Personaly im used to get E by lvl 8 in order to maximizate the gold i get from the averice blade. Once i use marks and quints of armor penetratrion, it turns the farming a little more complicated, but with E you shouldn't have major problems