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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Beatlejuis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beatlejuis

Immortal Jungle Mundo

Beatlejuis Last updated on March 31, 2014
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Hey, this is my first Guide

I looked for a Mundo Jungle Guide, but most of them were quite stupid, so i decided to make a Guide for someone who wanna play Immortal Fulltanks...

If you have some ideas to work it out, just tell it
Would help not only me, but some oters too

So have fun and dot die :D

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Try to invade enemys Red to have a higher level early game, than go your Blue, Ghosts, your Red, Golems and gank Bot (when you are purple gank Top) it will be easy kill for the lane and you are close to your SOTAG

Try Rush on SOTAG, than Warmogs (MUCH more HP regen)and some Ninja Tabi

now you have to decide if you go first Randuins (if their AD Champ is fed) or Spirit Visage (if their AP Champ is fed)

I dont need to explain why a tanky Mundo needs Spirit Visage and Randuins

With Liandrys your Q and W deal MUCH more damage, so when you engage in a fight, your W makes 1/4 of theirs Life down

At last sell your SOTAG and buy a Guardia. This is OP, because if you die (whats quite impossible) you will Revive with close to 2000 HP and still be tanky