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Influence Taric - Anti AD Support - Season 6 by LubedKangar

LubedKangaroo Last updated on February 3, 2017
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Illaoi ?? Still to come across her as Support and Top ??
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Here is a video of me participating in the 2014 EGX Eurogamer held in London. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show Taric's hidden power. :)

So you decided to take a look into playing Taric. As you are aware he isn't a very popular pick because he isn't meta right now, but that's what wins most games because most people aren't experienced against him. Taric is and has always been my favourite champion to play, not only as Support but for Top against an AD champion, mainly because of his amazing Armour bonuses not only for you but for your team too. There will be many games where you pick Taric and your team will be like "no pls, pick a useful support like Leona or Thresh" Don't give in, play it out. Many will disagree but Taric is one of the best supports on League and you will find out by reading more into the guide.

Season 2: 36 Ranked Taric Games 50% Win. 18 Wins - 18 Losses

Season 3: 38 Ranked Taric Games 55.3% Win. 21 Wins - 17 Losses

Season 4: 53 Ranked Taric Games 55.9% Win. 33 Wins - 26 Losses

As you all may be aware, Taric is very low on the list when it comes to popularity mainly because he isn't in the meta.

Throughout Season 4, Taric has a very consistent and sturdy win rate. The mass majority are above 50% where as only 2 of the stats have been 49%

Total Ranked Taric Games Played up to date: 326

Total Normal Taric Games Played up to date: 903

Note: This is what you will be regularly looking at if you play Influence Taric correctly.

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Passive - Bravado

Taric infuses his next two basic attacks whenever he casts an ability. He swings faster with these two attacks, which deal 18 + (4 x level) (+15% of bonus armor) bonus magic damage and reduce his base spells' cooldowns by 1 - 0.6 seconds (scales down with CDR).

Once you engage the fight you will always open up with Dazzle (E), in turn gives you 1 or 2 auto attacks to reduce the Cooldown on the rest of your spells.

Q - Starlight's Touch

Cost: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Range: 325
Passive: Taric stores a charge of Starlight's Touch every 15 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 charges stored at once. Starlight's Touch cannot be cast without charges.

Bravado-empowered attacks reduce this recharge time by 5 - 3 additional seconds (scales down with CDR).

Active: Taric spends all charges to heal himself and all nearby allies for 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+20% of ability power) (+1.5% bonus Health) per charge, up to 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+60% of ability power) (+4.5% bonus Health) at 3 charges.

HEAL: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 30% AP) (+ 5% bonus health)
SELF HEAL: 84 / 140 / 196 / 252 / 308 (+ 42% AP) (+ 7% bonus health)


Cooldown: 15 Cost: 60 Range: 800
Passive: Bastion increases the armor of Taric and the champion he is linked with by 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20% of Taric's armor.

Active: Taric links with an ally, shielding them for 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12% of their maximum Health for 2.5 seconds. Bastion remains on Taric's ally until he recasts it onto another ally, or the two move far enough apart to break their link.

While linked, all of Taric's abilities are simultaneously cast from both Taric and his linked ally, though the effects do not stack.

Bastion is what you live for. Giving you and your ADC more influence in lane, Max this ASAP. Also if you wish to push your lane, go very aggressive to force the enemy ADC away from farming.


Cooldown: 15 Cost: 60 Range: 575
Taric fires out a short wave of celestial energy in a target direction which, after 1 second, deals 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+50% of ability power) (+30% of bonus armor) magic damage to all enemies struck and stuns them for 1 / 1.125 / 1.25 / 1.375 / 1.5 seconds.

If you can help it, Always try Dazzle (E) your target as close as possible to do more damage to help the fight go your way early in the fight, if not then it's not a big deal. If you are getting ganked and not sure your ADC will escape, always.. ALWAYS go in deep into that gank and Dazzle (E) them in the face. You may die, but hopefully your ADC would have been smart enough to run.

Cosmic Radiance

Cooldown: 160 / 130 / 100 Cost: 100 Range: 400
Taric calls on the stars themselves for protection. After a 2.5 second delay, he and all nearby allies are granted invulnerability for 2.5 seconds.

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Summoner Spells

ADC Champions to use against: Ashe - Ezreal - Lucian - Sivir - Vayne - Twitch I have picked these champions because they are susceptible to more damage. Most will blow engages i.e Tumbles/dashes just to open onto the ADC which means you move in for the guaranteed kill or summoner spells. Your combo should have them dead or low by the time they get remotely close to your ADC.

Support Champions to use against: Janna - Karma - Lulu - Nami - Sona - Soraka - Vel'Koz - Zyra I have picked these because of how squishy they are. Early fights will always insure they will respect and fear the fact you have ignite and a nice amount of burst. If they aren't smart players then you will scoop up some easy early game kills.

Taking Ignite also gives you more Influence in lane. Most people are scared to engage, those who are scared are the easiest targets because they will 85% of the time mess up their combo's. You as the support should be experienced enough to notice when a perfect time to go in and punish them for their mistakes.

ADC Champions to use against: Caitlyn - Corki - Draven - Graves - Kalista - Jinx - Miss Fortune - Varus - Urgot - Quinn I have picked these because they have nasty potential to deny any ADC they are against. Mainly for some of their ults to secure a safe escape for your team.

Support Champions to use against: Annie - Braum - Blitz - Leona - Morgana - Nautilus I have chosen these because again of their capabilities of catching and destroying your ADC. Helps secure escape or Kill in some cases.

Taking Exhaust is a good team summoner to have. No matter how far behind your team are, all you need is that one catch and push to bring you back, majority of the time Exhaust will be the reason it was successful. Just try not to blow it needlessly. In teamfights, also helps with more CC for your ADC. Saving the ADC = Victory and Freelo.

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Combo Order

LVEL 1-5: Initiate with Dazzle (E) - AUTO ATTACK - Bastion (W) - AUTO ATTACK - Starlight's Touch (Q) (for extra Cooldown) By this time your whole combo will be up and ready again so just repeat continuously.

LEVEL 6-18: Initiate with Dazzle (E) - AUTO ATTACK - Bastion (W) - AUTO ATTACK - Starlight's Touch (Q) (for extra Cooldown) Radiance (R) Should then be used when in a group of 3 minimum unless you are in dire need of the ult so save yourself or a teammate included.

What to do if early fights break out before level 3:
Level 1;
- If you ignored part of the guide and started with Starlight's Touch (Q) instead of Bastion (W) or even Dazzle (E) then all you can do really is use it ASAP on your ADC, by this point they should have turned to you because you will be closer to them, so the second heal should be on you. Whilst you do this you should be running back towards tower while your ADC picks away at their HP.
- If you started with Dazzle (E) then there's not a whole lot more you can do, same with the heal. Just insure when going to stun you are close to them to do more damage and proceed with your auto attacks. If they start to run, don't get too cocky, that's where you let your ADC use their range to keep up and attack. If needs be, last hit while your ADC focuses on damaging the enemy.

Level 2;
- If by this point you have Starlight's Touch (Q) & Dazzle (E) then depending on your ADC's HP, if it's low then you start by healing them and initiating on the enemy ADC with your Dazzle (E) and auto attacks. Only really heal yourself if you are the main target of the two at bottom.
- If you have Starlight's Touch (Q) & Bastion (W) then you should expect to take a bit more damage because you won't have that pause in incoming damage because of the delay that your Stun causes. Just proceed with the heal (depending on the HP) if it's low hp then heal, auto attack then run into them to shatter and repeat the order.
- Hopefully you should have Bastion (W) & Dazzle (E) at level 2, this means you can initiate the fight with your Stun from a distance which will (should) give you enough time to get close and use Bastion (W). Keeping up your auto attacks. ALWAYS try to remember that if you are winning trades then you want to run ahead of the target early so that you can put in that tiny bit more damage, denying them running back to base with 2 hp. Yes, it's annoying we have all been there.

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Pros / Cons

+ Early game you take near to no damage, but deal tons of damage in return.
+ You look fabulous while carrying.
+ Closer you are the more damage dealt with the Stun (E)
+ Has a sustainable Heal.
+ Heavy Tank.
+ Cooldowns can be rotated properly and always kept no longer than a 5 second Cooldown.
+ Highly underestimated, people will engage if you are out in the open.
+ Give a lot of passive Armour to the team and himself.
+ Can be the team initiator
+ After a few fights, can have a huge presence in the game.

- AP Will hurt until build more tanky.
- If it's the first time you try playing Influence Taric it may be a bit difficult but it will get easier.
- You WILL be the main focus in ganks (only if you play Influence Taric right). They won't care for your ADC because you will be doing so much damage and getting all the kills. (Sometimes on purpose)
- You won't have any GP5 but if you play Influence Taric correctly then you will get gold from kills and assists.
-takes a while to travel to the target.
- Early game mana usage is poor.
- You are prone to CC which will render you useless.
- Can be CC'd easily if not controlled cooldowns properly.
- If your ADC let's you die, you will be behind for a very long time, but stick it out because you will become powerful regardless.

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Team Work

No matter how bad your team are just remember, YOU LOOK FABULOUS! So losing doesn't matter.
You will always try to initiate fights because people underestimate Taric so they will open up on you for the easy kill and not care for anybody else, but because you are so Tanky, your team SHOULD melt the fight before you die.

Teamwork with Taric is crucial. If the other team has high mobility then you need to rely on your team to help pick them off. If you manage to at-least get your Stun (E) off then there's always a 80% chance it's a catch off kill, which as we all know, can turn and maybe win games that one push. So ensure you and your team are on the same page. If you feel as if your team lack the amount of brain cells required to lick a battery then do not fear to SPAM the target button. hopefully that should trigger their cells and help kick their brain into gear and attack that target. If you flame yoru team as Taric, then you have pretty much signed your own Loss Card. Unless ofcourse you buy Mobility Boots with Alacrity because without them and you flame, you will literally be as useless as a birth control pill taken a couple months down the line.

Also, if you find that mobility is playing a huge factor in you missing out on opportunities to help turn the game for your team then don't be afraid to sell something for Talisman of Ascension. The movement speed boost along with Mobility Boots will have you going faster than Usain Bolt on Speed.

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Now we have farming. Clearly if your ADC isn't in lane then you farm, BUT if you feel your ADC doesn't deserve farm and you are the ADC then you take that farm. Just take it. You can carry as Taric, they may rage but they will understand when you carry the team to Victory.


- Only farm if you know how to Freeze/Push a lane correctly.
- Push if you know you can take the tower before anybody gets there.
- Farm an entire wave if you are close to a main item and your team aren't on their way to you.

Do Not's:

- Push/Kill minions if your team player is near, that's just a **** move.
- Push someone's tower too early. If they don't want the tower to be taken, then leave them to it.
- Force a dragon fight because you feel you are God. It doesn't work and you will most probably cause your team a nice big juicy loss.

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So to sum it all up, TARIC IS GOD! Leona, she's just a safe threatning champ that people pick because they are too lazy to try support without the enemy team being scared of them. I'm hoping you all like the guide and hope to see more people play in the future!! If you have any further questions feel free to add me on EUW (LubedKangaroo) and ask. I take full credit for this build and play style. (just incase any pros take my idea and try make it their own) If you feel there should be more added to the guide, feel free to leave a comment or add and message me. Happy Taric'ing!

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