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Irelia Build Guide by RaKemysT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaKemysT

Irelia Offtank/DPS Dominion

RaKemysT Last updated on January 12, 2012
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Chapter 1

Totally re-done. After playing Irelia for almost 150 Dominion games, I've done a lot of re-vamping to this build. Before it was triforce/tanky items, now it's trifroce/DPS/tanky. the DPS really helps because of her Hiten Style, which adds true damage to every shot. I build her with enough DPS/damage that even if your Hiten Style (W) is on cooldown, you're still going to tank the **** out of most people because of lifesteal and heal from W's passive. I've destroyed Jax 1v1 with this build and also Nocturne. It's fun to experiment builds with Irelia, sometimes going full DPS, but I can never succeed as well without some tankyness to her. Try this build out.

The second build is for more DPSy action, trade a Wit's End for a Black Cleaver. To me they both do the same thing, but I get Wit's end incase theirs a lot of AP on the other team. Otherwise a trifroce/cleaver/sanguine should do the job on most if not all encounters. Good luck ya'll.