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Irelia on straight deeb Pee SSS

Last updated on November 17, 2010
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This is my first guide so bare with me...

I choose Irelia for my first guide because... well I'm not sure. I excel rather well with her and I thought I would share my guide and item sequence.

The game play is quite simple

Early game

Stay back last hit and life steal ; She is way to squish to go first blood nuts , lane with a cc champ. Gank only when you will for sure get the kill. Get your boots asap , Irelia is very item dependent so get some gold.

Mid game

Gank now , Q , E , activate w , exhaust , finish with R. At this point you should have most of your phantom dancer if not all of it. Don't be afraid to ks , if your the main carry you will need it. Try to get most of your Frozen mallet , starting with your giants belt. KEEPING AT THE PACE OF LEVEL IS VERY IMPORTANT , TRY TO GET A COUPLE LEVELS AHEAD IF YOU CAN.

End Game

Beast mode should be in effect , you can rush blood razor before starks if they are a tanky team. Same Rotation Q , W , E and R. Don't be afraid to attempt to gank a champ with little more lifet left then you , your stun maxes out at 2 secs which is long enough to do some serious damage.

Summoner spells

Exhaust is Key because of the slow and blind against other melee champs

Ghost or ignite are both viable options.

I very much dislike comments which are not constructive or positive , comment disrespectfully and the price will be paid.


P.s. any tips on making a guide would be nice