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Jarvan the IV The Top lane Prince

Last updated on November 15, 2012
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so do you want to be exceptional in Top Lane, Playing as the Demacia Prince?

This guide is going to walk you through how to play top Lane as Jarvan.
Jarvan is a Great damage dealer, when using your passive, and a great armor build, it provides you a good advantage agains most attack damage dealers.

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Why Jarvan IV ?

    he is a good damage dealer agains
Attack Damage dealers.
hes passive gives him a greater advantage for last hits.
Jarvan IV is a good Farmer
his ulti make him Over powered for crowd conrol.
He is very fun playing.
he can easily out farm Lane component.

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Late Game

Jarvan IV
the build is based on you to be an over powered of Tank with a lot of damage.
jarvan is good at providing crowd control, and therfore giving you teamplayers the oppetunity of doing a lot of damage.

but as Jarvan you are also with