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Jax Around

Last updated on January 26, 2011

This build

I hvae no idea what I'm doing but this build is pretty fun.

- The Ninja Tabi boots makes you Jax. Always buy them.
- Lantern is not used much but you get some nice early game stats and a free ward! You can jump to them with your ability so place it smart.
- Tiamat is the lulz. When you get your ulti get this. Creeps will fall faster.
- Ragebalde. Only for you, Jax. A MUST.
- Phantom Dancers because it makes you a great fighter/ganger/chaser.
- Sunfire. But only one. It doens't stack anymore.
- Finally the Bloodthirster. 100 damage and extra lifesteal.

Go dodge them autohits.
Try and fight people 1 on 1.
Eat towers.
Learn from your mistakes.