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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazakastan

Jax: Tactical Sense

Kazakastan Last updated on March 20, 2011
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Jax Build

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OKAY! Randomness about some tactics about jax. pretty simple.

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his passive gives hp from ap and ad.

[/list]using a hybrid build makes him a 'carry,nuke,tank'

[/list] get a lot of hybrid items.

[/list]consider starting with doran's blade, it gives about 130 HP instead of just 100.

[/list]getting hextech gunblade and/or guinsoo's rageblade gives a lot of health, around 700. Get frozen mallet to get slow and to be a total ***.

[/list]without any hp items and if u have a hybrid build, jax can have at least 3000HP.

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Empower and leap

A really good spam.

the empower gives it away though so you have to do it REALLY FAST.

[/list]It leaves you vulnerable to slows and stuns after you leap.

[/list]combo with stun after leap so they can't slow or stun you.

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leap and stun

literally one of the most annoying things you can do with jax.

[/list] good against basically anyone

[/list] dont do this at an enemy twr

[/list] leap stun good for running away too (i.e running away, enemy gank, leap stun, and keep running)

[/list] kinda slow, need to wait for minions to hit you for a dodge.

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ward, run, jump

buy wards place them in places you'll know you'll need to run.

[/list] Absolutely annoying to the enemy team

[/list] can be used to surprise at and place in jungle

[/list] high upkeep (wards cost 75, pacing them everywhere will cost at least 1000)

[/list] this is highly useful for ganking