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Jinx Build Guide by ChaseMorePlz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseMorePlz

JINX, League of Legends Official Cr@ckhead's GUIDE TO CARRY

ChaseMorePlz Last updated on October 14, 2016
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Jinx Build

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How To Play Jinx

Hello everyone! I currently main Jungle/ADC in Season 6, today I will be demonstrating how to win lane with Jinx and afterwards use that advantage to carry the game. The great thing about Jinx is that she scales very well and has a lot of range, so

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One of the first, basic things about playing ADC is learning how to manage and manipulate your minion waves to your advantage. After playing a lot of bot lane, you will eventually learn the matchups in order to determine when you need to be pushing or freezing the lane. It's also important that you cs, keep your lane warded as much as possible