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Jinx The Broken Criminal

TheRealJazy Last updated on August 24, 2016
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New Buffs!!!!

As you might of known jinx has got some buffs in the new patch 6.17! This means even more crazy killing power and more importantly, snipping! You heard it, jinx has got her super mega death rocket tweaked with just a little more fire power. No more people getting away with 10 health after you struggle to predict where they are, its all in the book.

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So jinx has a standard build just a few tweaks here and there. On your first recall you wanna have around 2600 gold (ikr sounds like a lot) but it should be fine. Once you have enough gold go back and buy zeal and a BF sword. You get the both of worlds as you have damage and crit. From here on your second recall get yourself a rapid fire cannon and a pickaxe. Than one the third recall you should have infinity edge and rapid fire cannon. Your final build should be Doran's blade, Infinity edge, Rapid Fire cannon, bloodthirster, essence reaver and guardians angel


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