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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeGeR

Jungling Malphite

LeGeR Last updated on December 11, 2009

This is my jungling malphite build. It works for a jungling nasus too.

1. You usually want to start with,
Cloth + 5 health potions

2. Either your team and you clear dragon or it helps you get golem. If you clear dragon, 1 other player should help you with golem or lizard. Malphite needs a buff to jungle quickly at low levels.

Facts behind this build.
-The armor penetration Marks help you soloing the golem and lizard, they have 24 armor.
-The armor from runes is also extra damage on your E ability.
-The utility tree is a must. You benefit from a 30% extension on neutral buffs, extra movespeed to gank and a -15% cooldown reduction on smite.