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Kalista Build Guide by RailwaySpike

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RailwaySpike

☆K-alistar Get Big☆

RailwaySpike Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Hi My Name Is...

and i am an adc main. I am a very experienced player who has hit gold the past season. I was an adc main before i was a top/mid main. i hope you find my guide to be helpful and try my builds out and are pleased with your results. :)

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About Kalista

Kalista is a very difficult champion if you are new to the game, so make sure you are ok with fast moving gameplay and have played adc in the past. Kalista is mostly related to Vayne due to her ability to kite and abuse your enemies. At the same time she is so much diffrent from any adc's in the game. In my oppinion this is probably the most mechanicly reliant champ at the moment and her kit is what makes this champ who she is.

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