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Katarina MID (Pro Assassin) (y)

Last updated on December 2, 2012
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Pros / Cons

Powerful Pros

+Amazing passive that lowers her cooldowns every time you get a kill or assist!
+ Shunpo allows her to be super mobile -- chase, escape from ganks, blink over walls, juke enemies, etc.
+Multi-Target Ultimate
+Not very hard to learn, but somewhat hard to master
+No skillshots, so you don't have to worry about possibly missing your target with your abilities!
+Amazing all around farmer with Bouncing Blades + Sinister Steel
+Terrific ganker
+French and sexy

Corrosive Cons

-Tends to get CCed and focused A LOT if not positioned carefully, due to her ultimate being channeled and, as a result, able to be interrupted
-Short range ultimate
-Melee range in mid, which makes it a bit harder to farm and harass when you don't have your Bouncing Blades or Sinister Steel off cooldown.
-Pretty high early game cooldowns
-Relies on picking up some kills or assists in teamfights in order to utilize her passive (not hard to do, but you have to make sure your team doesn't all get killed before it happens)