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Katarina - Why? Because I can!

elnino9 Last updated on February 13, 2014
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AP carry mid (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Katarina

Health 2104.46
Health Regen 16.85
Mana 0
Mana Regen 0
Armor 190.75
Magic Resist 92.5
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 429.94
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 110.6
Attack Speed 0.965
Crit Chance 0%S
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 457.54
Life Steal 0%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 22.83
Cooldown Reduction 10%

Recommended Runes + Notes

Ability Sequence + Notes

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Masteries + Notes


Offense: 21


Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Katarina ultimate guide - my experience. Summoner name: petrenko10

Hello everyone! I am a Gold player and I'm in EU west. My summoner name is petrenko10. this is my guide for my main champion Katarina .. I apologize if it is too short for you or you are comfortable reading tons of information, I feel giving small information that is understandable is a good idea for me, tell me what you guys think about it! :) RATE FAIRLY PLEASE (:
Katarina. truly one of the most unique champions. She is the excellent assassin and the most lovable champion in the game. her job is to jump in, take out low health champions and destroy everyone with her passive and leave.. if you master Katarina you will shred you enemies to pieces.

I have my own Twitch Stream! I play Katarina or Riven most of the time, so feel free to check it out (:

I've had her since 2009 which is when I fell in love with this champion. from that point, she had become my main champion. Each day I read more and more about her, with my first game I did so well, I couldn't stop playing her, she was truly one of the best champions I have ever played. I don't have a problem jumping into 5 people and destroying them. It gives you an adreline rush, I feel so godlike, my heart pumping constanly because one mistake that you do will cause you to die. this is mainly for proffesional player, if you are new to Katarina you might want to buy health items, but I don't recommend them personally. items you can use are ryali's scepter or liandry's torment.
I know when I can win a teamfight and when I can't. She can easily take out the whole team by herself if you are aware of the enemy's health and how much damage you can do.

My name is Hussain .. and this is my Katarina guide. I hope this helps! :)

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Tips, Playstyle and Tricks .. (Laning, Farming, teamfights and more)

Let me tell you something.

People think Katarina is easy to counter or simply underplayed and not a good champion, you are highly mistaken. If you can play Katarina effectivley you can destroy anyone you face in lane, you just need to be clever. I can beat Ahri Diana Kassadin Fizz Cho'Gath - If you play your champion well, you can win your game. I have carried countless games with Katarina by playing it smart.

Laning and Farming

Now, with Katarina, your job is to kill instantly and go for another kill if possible. if you can't get another kill, shunpo out with ward or on one of your allies. You should only use your ultimate when you can confirm a kill 100%, for early laning phase, you can use your ult to force the enemy to use health potions or to drop them low enough so that your next combo will kill them instantly. In laning phase you start with 5 health potions and 4 ward mainly because you want maximum sustain. avoid skillshots with shunpo and try to get the needlesly large rod asap to be built to a Deathfire Grasp you should go for Sorcerer's Shoes aswell. when Farming, use your Bouncing Blades to last hit and then use your Sinister Steel this can be used to harrass after level 6 when you are confident.


Now, with teamfights.. you need the perfect timing to enter the fight. go in too early and you'll get focused down and killed, go in too late and your team will fall without you. look for that perfect moment, secure it, and kill everyone. I recommend putting Deathfire Grasp as number 1 active and smart cast it so you can do your combo fast. Your job is to kill half health champions and as you're spinning there in the middle of the fight, you need to get a reset. this is why you should kill someone with half health to get that reset, then your ultimate will do damage, look for another half health champion and kill them too. and then continue doing that till the entire team is dead. the enemy has no time to react when they are half health because you have already killed them by the time they try to react. this is how you're supposed to play Katarina, don't be silly and go for those half health champions and finish them off. if you are extremley fed, you can literally jump in 1v5 and take out their entire team, try to go for a suprise attack or try to get your friends to distract the enemy so they won't even expect you. your time to attack is when your allies are recieving damage and when you find half health champions. that is your time to kill them all. sometimes, they don't need to be half health, you can use deathfire grasp on them when full health and then use your full combo, that would kill carries or AP mid's instantly. even tanks, that is only if you are very strong to the point where they have no time to react.

With Katarina, you can always have some excellent ways to avoid damage from skill shots .. and this is by using shunpo. Now imagine Lux - she uses all her combo on you and you panic, just use Shunpo directly on her, you will avoid all the damage she has thrown at you because they are skill shot, once you shunpo to her, you appear behind her. destroy her with your combo, always mark them first with bouncing blade so the next skill does double damage.

As Katarina you are EXTREMLEY mobile. you easily run around the map and gank other lanes without a problem. This is why I highly prefer movement speed quintences. it just makes her so mobile and enter teamfights quicker and jump in there when your team needs you despartley to kill everyone. People might say this isn't perfect on Katarina but I'm telling you now, this is more decent than using AP quintences, mainly because you are using AP per lv glyphs which makes her deadly late game and with the items you get.. you become a huge threat. You can look for ganks, MS quints helps you get to their lanes faster and help them out, or if you to chase someone that is low health these runes really help.

She can avoid skillshots with Shunpo you can always Shunpo to allies or minions which make the skillshots mid champions pretty hard to target you since they can't land their skillshots on you easily as you're shunpoing all over the place. this minmizes the amount of harrass you recieve. You should make very minimum mistakes to come out on top, don't do silly things where you can't kill your enemy. Use shunpo to your advantage. You can always ward and shunpo, it's like a free flash over a wall, quite a nice way to escape or catch someone recalling on the other side. whenever you have a ward, you should attempt that technique, don't be hesitant. it's just like lee sin but with shunpo. this is why I consider buying early wards in laning essential. you can avoid ganks using trickery. you can even shunpo to your minion wave to get back to your turret and that is something I always do, I keep an eye on my minion wave then I follow it so incase I get ganked I already have a planned safe route.

I highly recommend you get wraiths in your jungle or steal the enemy's wraiths, it helps you get ahead of your enemy with the XP and money. Whenever you see your enemy recalling, shove your lane hard then see if there are any possible ganks you can do. if there is no chance of ganking and you pushed your lane, you can steal the enemy's wraiths and take your wraiths. it helps you get ahead.

Here are champions that use skillshots and some that you just need to be aware of and becareful when playing against them

Lux - Her Q, E, AND R.
Ezreal - His Q, W, and R.
Morgana - Her bind and ult.
Gragas - Barrels, ultimate's knockback and the charge.
Lissandra - Her claw and poke.
Anivia - Her stun and massive ult aoe.

What other champions can do to you.

Amumu - Bandage toss and Ultimate.
Zed - He can escape your initiation with shadows, cancelling your reset.
Ashe - Stuns you hard and if you get focused afterwards, you're dead.
Akali - crazy gap closer, play safe if she's fed hard.
Skarner - One of the most annoying ultimates, if he uses your ult on you and his team have a follow up, you are dead. unless you have your Zhonya's Hourglass and your team is there to help you out.

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Champion Matchups - How to win against all different types of Champions

I will list the colours Green, Yellow and Red as which champions are difficult to lane against, and what you can do to win against them.

Red is Hard match up
Yellow is Normal match up
Green is Easy match up


Aatrox is probably one of the hardest lanes if you're playing Katarina, he is incredibly annoying due to his Blood Well meaning you will not get your reset from your passive Voracity, He will jump on you with his Q, slash you away and soon enough force you out of lane. However, he is beatable, and there is a way to stop him, but it won't be easy.

You have to constantly poke at him with your Q, remember to max your Q, and always avoid being knocked up by his Q. he has amazing sustain, so watch out. You have your 5 health potions start with 4 wards, use that to always remain in lane and get as much farm as you can. Keep last hitting minions but remember not to get too close to him. He will wreck you, it is what he wants. he wants you to get closer to the minions so he can literally take away half your health with his Q and basic attacks. he could kill you. You can go Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion which gives you good odds against a champion like Aatrox. this way, you have atleast some decent armour to defend yourself and last hit as normal with Q. Ask your jungler for help early on, put some pressure into him. if you see Aatrox out of lane, shove your minion wave and look to roam and gank other lanes. If that's not possible, take wraiths or wolves to keep your xp ahead of Aatrox and so you can gain extra gold.


Ahri is a very playable and popular champion. her kit is very powerful and provides lots of mobility and decent amount of damage. same as Katarina, they are both assassins. Most ahri's like to go for Deathfire Grasp and it's really powerful. Ahri is a skill-shot based champion, Katarina is not, meaning if you outplay her by dodging her Charm and Orb of Deception you can come out on top against her in lane. She uses mana, you don't. With your 5 health potions and 4 wards, you can stay in lane longer than her as long as you don't get poked too much with her abilities. try to avoid them, stay behind your minions at early stage of the game and ask your jungler for help to pressure the Ahri, your main goal here is to collect as much farm as you can to buy Needlessly Large Rod and that is where you will shine against her. she isn't hard, Ahri is NOT a counter to Katarina.

Play Katarina the correct way and you will come out on top in that match up. Make sure that every time Ahri leaves her lane, you watch out for top lane and bot lane, see which lane is most pushed and which you think Ahri will most likley go to. She is a mobile champion, she can gank very effectivley with her ultimate Spirit Rush - Don't allow her to gank effectivley against your allies, see if you can help them out! Once you have your Rabadon's Deathcap and Deathfire Grasp your single target damage is RIDICILOUSLY high, the earlier you get these items, the stronger you will shine late game. Try to focus on that against Ahri and she will not live to see another day, Teehee!


There is nothing threatning about Akali when you are Katarina, you can simply destroy her in lane, however don't get too greedy and underestimate her so easily. her Q and E hurts, and is a good way to burst you down. Just remember to play it safe early on like in every lane, get your farm, and ask help from your jungler. you can easily destroy her, even when she is in stealth mode you can still Use Death Lotus in the area and you can execute her. Once she gets level 6, this is where she becomes a bit stronger and will most likley start jumping on you if you get too close, If she does, use Bouncing Blades and Sinister Steel this will give you decent damage on her and get away from her with the Sinister Steel movement speed. If you can kill her as she ults on you, use Q,W,R instantly. if she decides to back off, jump on her with shunpo to secure the kill or Ignite. she is not hard, Any normal Katarina player can beat her. Make sure you build the correct Items and you'll be just fine.


Ah, Anivia. She is pretty annoying when it comes with her passive. You can't secure a kill on her early on unless you get help from your jungler. she is easy, but also not easy. She's pretty weak when it comes to dueling against Katarina but never underestimate the damage output. make sure you always stay away from her stun and the AOE effect she puts on the ground. Most Anivia's will just stay behind their minions at early stage and keep on farming. They will attempt to harrass whenever the chance is given, so you do the same and just focus on getting your Needlessly Large Rod and you'll be fine. Avoid deaths from her, a fed Anivia can be irritating. Use your roaming abilities whenever she is away from lane. shove your minion wave and look for ways to help your team or collect jungle wraiths or wolves. Overall, she is beatable. just remember, your passive will not trigger if you kill her when she is on egg form, so watch out! always left click on Anivia to see if her passive is up or not, this is INCREDIBLY important when facing Anivia as you have to know when you can kill her and when you can't.


Here comes Annie, a champion that is labelled one of the toughest counters against Katarina, but in reality, that is INCREDIBLY untrue. If you outplay Annie, you can destroy her. Here is a tip if you are playing against her. You can tell when her stun is up when you see a whirlwind around the character Annie herself, it shows a constant whirlwind around her indicating her next ability will stun. Simply put, don't be silly and get in range of her abilities so you don't get stunned and don't attempt to kill her when she has the stun. It's that simple really, besides that you can destroy her, if she gets a few kills on you it will be hard to come back, don't underestimate the demon child. There are much more threatning champions than Annie when you are playing Katarina.


Brand is one tough champion, seriously. Even without AP, he does some incredibly good damage and can burst so hard. With Katarina, you can dodge Brand's Pillar of Flame and Sear. You can shunpo on minions in lane to dodge these abilities. these abilities cost TONS of mana if he decides to harrass you early on, meaning he will have to recall at some point. even if he has flask or Mana Potion, he will run out, and when he does, keep on farming since you have 5 health potions and 4 wards, this will keep you safe from ganks and stay in lane MUCH longer than he will. Get your items ASAP and destroy him, get help from your jungler. use your roaming abilities and see if you can help other lanes out whenever possible, it's always important that when you are playing Katarina, you don't just focus on your lane. it's important to look around the map and see where Brand might roam or where he might gank, and assist your team. Brand is not hard, but don't underestimate him one bit, he is one tough fire man, seriously.


Cassiopeia is beatable, and you can win against her when playing Katarina pretty easily actually. She is not a champion that can take alot of damage, and you can dodge her poison pretty easily with Shunpo, although remember she has it often so only go for farm when you know you can't be poked with Noxious Blast. Early on, she will poke like crazy and it will be annoying for a while, but later on you just completley demolish her if you farmed well and have decent items, the cool thing is her ult can actually miss when you use Death Lotus on her! Her ultimate Petrifying Gaze stuns enemies that are LOOKING at her, not away from her. if you look away from her, you won't be stunned. Katarina can spin rapidly and she can face either way, so there is a 50/50 chance of you getting stunned. Overall, Katarina can beat her and this is actually one of the easiest lanes.


Ugh.. This is just the most annoying lane match up you can ever have when you are Katarina. He is just so annoying to face, and he can sustain in lane more than you and constantly harrass you while taking damage without a problem. If he goes Abyssal Scepter with lots of tankiness, and he gets a few early kills on you.. you're gonna have a REALLY bad time. However, to every champion, there is a weakness you can overcome, and Cho'Gath weakness is early game pressure. if your jungler and you add some early pressure on Cho'gath and hopefully get first blood, you're gonna have a good lead against him early on, you should instantly get your Needlessly Large Rod for maximum damage and keep farming safely. However, if this doesn't happen, keep up the pressure! Keep farming safely and always avoid his Rupture. Never try to execute him, he has his Feral Scream which silences you and he will end up using Feast on you, killing you instantly. Only initiate if he has already used Feral Scream on minion wave or if you believe you have enough damage to kill him. If you haven't killed him and he has his first item done, you're gonna have a bad time. you need to kill him early or you're screwed in lane as there will be a very low chance of you farming because he will constantly be annoying you with his poke abilities. This is personally one of the most annoying lane matchups ever, ALWAYS avoid it.


Diana is not a scary champion. If you see on lolcounter, she is listed as one of the top counters to Katarina and I am here to tell you this is completley and utterly FALSE, it's ridiculous how people agree to it, because smart Katarina players can overcome Diana. Only the bad Katarina players can lose against A Diana. Against Diana, you want to constanly avoid her Crescent Strike, once you do, you can go ahead and harrass with her Q,E,W. she will do very weak damage on you as all she has is her basic attacks, Pale Cascade, and her Moonfall, be sure to do this combo as soon as she missed her Q, the Q cooldown is pretty short so make sure you avoid it at all cost. she uses mana, you don't. You will stay in lane longer than her and you will get to roam and collect farm more than her if you begin with 5 health potions and 4 wards. Overall, her shield avoids some of your damage, so again don't underestimate her completley. she is still a good pick. Make sure you don't let her hit you with her Crescent Strike as she can use her Lunar Rush and it will be annoying as hell.. she will do her full combo on you and it will possibly kill you or drop you very low. Becareful! your main goal here is to collect farm safely, and always avoid her Crescent Strike as she needs this ability to hit for her full combo.



STILL IN PROCESS, MORE CHAMPION MATCH UPS COMING SOON. Please comment and say what champion you'd like me to mention, I am already covering up the main mid champions, AD and AP. Thank you! Please give me good feedback, I will continue this guide and improve it!


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Katarina Jumps in, take out her targets, and leaves with style. My match Hi

Believe me, she can take out an entire team with her passive and all her abilities, she is in my opinion the best champion out there :)

Here are my Katarina stats, I won 4 games in a row in solo queue ranked matches.

My recent Match history with Katarina in ranked matches - October 2013 silver solo queue.

Here is my ranked score of 20/1

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Before we begin, I'd just like to show off how the item models look now, I just wanted everyone to know how the items look like, this is not part of the guide, but just to show new players how previously some of these items looked like.


you don't need Hextech Gunblade .. because there are far better items. Katarina is ment to be a pure AP carry and personally I don't think Hextech Gunbladeis the perfect item for her. You don't need to sustain yourself in lane because you should get the damage which you need more than sustaining yourself in lane. it's not abad item .. but it's not the best. there are better Items.

It's obvious why this is a good item, correct? it has decent amount of AP and MR with a nice aura that puts you at an advantage. You should get Abyssal Scepter mainly because of the nice aura and it synchronizes really well with Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes. Abyssal Scepter drops your enemy's MR by 20, Sorcerer's Shoes by 15, and Void Staff by 35%. Now put in your Magic pen runes and masteries.. that is alot of MR from your enemy gone, giving you the ability to kill quicker and more efficently.

Abyssal Scepter is a good item against Kassadin I can beat Kassadin's with this item. A good Katarina player can dominate her lane effectivley, even against her biggest so called 'counters'. I can beat Diana Fizz Ahri I don't always go Abyssal Scepter sometimes I go for Deathfire Grasp when I am destroying the enemy. - people label the champions I just listed as counters to Katarina, well here I am to tell you I DISSAPROVE. there is no such thing as a 'counter' to Katarina if you play her well, and you know what you're doing.. you can't be countered.

If Talon comes mid, or an AD champion in general, Abyssal Scepter is STILL a good item, the aura is mainly the good thing about the item. However It's better to go for Deathfire Grasp and Zhonya's Hourglass if you see talon building early Hexdrinker or early MR, go Deathfire Grasp with sorcerer shoes you'll be suprised how much decent damage you'd do to him. However, if he's completley destroying you in lane, get your Zhonya's Hourglass as fast as you can. use WRAITHS in your jungle or their jungle as farm if you can't stay in lane.

Ryali's crystal scepter has proven to not be the best for Katarina, If you want to get ryali's scepter that's okay, I just personally don't find it that great on katarina since she needs damage mostly and not focusing much on health. If you are new to katarina however, this could be a good item to use to get started since you may make mistakes. this build is a little bit of a risky build, meaning if you make a mistake you're most likley going to recieve alot of punish. Ryali's crystal scepter is the item for you if you are having problems with your positioning in teamfights or you feel that the health is needed.

Haunting Guise is good, but if I am back in base with alot of money, I usually ignore this completley. I don't need it more than Deathfire Grasp or Rabadon's Deathcap, so I completley ignore this item and move on to my build. The 5 health potions and 4 wards in the laning phase will help you stay in lane to get as much farm as possible and perhaps even get a kill with or without the help of your jungler. I don't recommend Haunting Guise as a main core item overall, even if you get it, it should be sold later on. I usually buy this after I finish my Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap and my Sorcerer's Shoes because you need to prepare for the late game, you need to have that extra magic pen and that 200 health can save your life in some sticky situations. If you are super confident you can instantly go for Zhonya's Hourglass.

Deathfire Grasp is an awesome item! it has cooldown and AP damage plus a very nice active. the cooldown is great on Katarina as it is what she needs in fights, her passive is awesome with this item since every assist or kill you get reduces katarina's cooldown by 15. this helps give you even more cooldown and more AP damage, I rush it immedaitley, no matter what the situation is, this item is a must for me because the active is so nice. The active is that it throws out a spell to your targeted champion, and for the next couple of seconds it will deal more damage. synchronize this with Rabadon's Deathcap and you are doing crazy amount of damage. this item destroys.. put this as smart cast number 1, and use it before teamfights. Making it smart cast as number 1 really helps so you don't mess up your skills. It's a pain having to press 1, then left click. then q, left click, e, left click, w left click, R. It makes life easier to just smart cast the item and then you can do your combo with no problem. use it on someone you can burst hard, very powerful item on Katarina, worth getting!

An important item for all AP carries, definatley grab this for maximum damage.

Ah, Void Staff - this is purely excellent item to get mainly because it ignores 35% of the enemy's magic resist dealing significant damage. this is a must get in my opinion and it synchronizes really well with sorcerer shoes's magic penetration and abysal scepter's aura which lowers the enemy's mr by 20. Imagine having sorcerer shoes, abysal scepter, and void staff all together. you'd be doing incredibly decent damage since you are ignoring almost half of their Magic resist! the sooner you get your items, the more of a threat you become! I would prefer going void staff after you finish getting Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass - you can get Void Staff after Rabadon's Deathcap if you feel you need that magic penetration and they're AD carry isn't a huge threat.

Guardian Angel is a really decent item and I prefer getting it always, mainly because if I make a mistake I can still get back in there and deal some more damage. I already would have alot of damage from Abyssal Scepter , Rabadon's Deathcap - Void Staff and the Sorcerer's Shoes I should add some survivability in me so Guardian Angel would help me accomplish that. Decent item, must get. it allows you to have a chance to get your resets if you make a mistake, you can still have a chance to do even more. this is a good item if you get caught and you see someone low health, you can kill him and if your team is with you, you can even finish off their entire team. the magic resist and armour is incredible, increasing your survivability chance.

A great item to have for those crazy AD dealers, you'll have a decent amount of armour and a great amount of AP, definatley grab this item by the end or if you feel that you need it soon, you can get it after Rabadon's Deathcap for survivability.

Large rod connects to 3 essential item that all kat needs. Rabadon's deathcap, zhonya's hourglass and deathfire grasp. these 3 items all connect with the large rod and having all 3 of those connections will give you the following:

Crazy amount of AP damage
Cooldown reduction
Zhonya's hourglass active, deathfire grasp active.

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Runes and it's importance (How to COUNTER your COUNTER)

I will now show you the 3 ESSENTIAL type of runes you should have as Katarina against every certain type of match up you come across. You can beat your counters, just use your game knowledge and champions knowledge to beat them. Runes are more important than you might think. The change of runes can guarantee your lane succession and late game domination. Let's get started.

Laning against AD champions

Magic penetration marks x9

Armour Seals x9

Ability power per lv Glyphs x9

2 movement speed quintences, 1 armour quint

This will overall keep you safe in lane against high AD burst champions. Zed has the potential to burst at lv 6 with an elixir, but with your 1 armour quint and seals, he simply can't. you also have shunpo to escape easily, with no worries or bait Zed into a trap where you jungler can gank. The same applies to Talon, you can just easily outplay him with shunpo, sure he can silence you but the damage you recieve is relativley LOW. I have personally beaten AD champions including Yasuo aswell, sure he looks really strong but he is beatable with these runes. Save these runes as one rune page and make sure to use it vs AD champions at mid lane, this applies for ranked competitive play as you can see who the enemy will pick. you can even first pick Katarina and see what they pick and play correctly against them.

Laning against high AP champions

Magic penetration marks x9

Armour seals x9

Magic resist glyphs x9(Not per lv glyphs)

1 Majic resist quint, 2 movement speed quintences

Laning against high AP champions is not as frustrating as it might sound to you. Alot of people think 'Ooh no, it's a Ziggs and I'm playing kat. GG' when in reality you can perfectly beat high AP champions. you need to think - Okay, so Ziggs has his Q which he can use to poke, what's a good stating item against that? Doran Shield and a health pot! and the runes I have put up are perfect, the armour seals are still worth placing in there because Ziggs can still basic attack you with his passive. Gragas also uses basic attacks, Diana, Fizz and his Trident - these champions will run out of mana eventually. You don't use mana. you're Katarina. staying safe and not poking alot on these champions is the best way. you can rely on items for AP but it's mostly important to survive laning phase and take farm. you can begin poking with Bouncing Blades at lv 5 or 6 when you have made Bouncing Blades at level 3 where the damage is higher. Ask your jungler for ganking, make sure to roam when it's possible to get a kill. Fiddlesticks and Le blanc are probably the most annoying to handle but they are beatable, they are both squishy and you can DELETE them with deathfire grasp active, you can completley suprise fiddle if you're quick enough with Deathfire Grasp and your full combo Q,E,W,R. your jungler plays a big role in this too so consider him aswell. I also like to mention Orianna and Lux both of them have shields and most people pick barrier on them to increase their shield further. these are champions that can be annoying to burst but they are beatable with these runes. just make sure to fight with your jungler and let the enemy waste barrier.

Normal rune selection, the COMFORTABLE zone

Lastly, I will talk about the NORMAL and COMFORTABLE runes for Katarina. Champions like Veigar or Nidalee or champions you can beat easily.. you can go the runes as I have put on the build section if you scroll all the way up. I use:

Magic penetration marks x9

Health per lv seals x9

Ability power per lv x9

movement speed quintences x3

These runes are if you are comfortable laning against a champion - for example: Twisted Fate, Teemo, Veigar these are just simply easy to beat. they are weak and you can burst much higher damage than they do. You want to worry about those who can burst, so only use these normal runes for matchups you're comfortable with.

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Excellent damage output
One of the best assassins
Can escape scary situations with shunpo, can be used on minions or allies
Has the most amazing skins, including the new christmas skin.
Verocity passive is amazing, a kill or assist reduces all cooldowns by 15
When she is not focused and she enters a fight, she can wipe out the entire team easily.. I've done it before, believe me, it's amazing.
Decent ganker at early levels

If focused, she will drop low, but you can always use shunpo or flash to escape
farming early is hard.
I honestly don't find anything bad about Katarina other than this, she is amazing if you play her well. enough said.

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Katarina and Talon .. (IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LORE)

They are both truly my favourite champions in this game .. one is a crazy AD assassin who shows no mercy .. and one is a crazy AP assassin who tears apart their enemies. If I were to come a decision to who's better I cannot make it. they are both excellent assassins, this is why my favourite role in this game is assassins. they are fast, quick, and they remind me of assassin's creed, the game itself.

Please do look up my other guide on Talon! I have created it a while ago and he is also one of my main champions, he is amazing, please do check out my guide it would mean alot! thank you! :)

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Comment and Rate Please! Send me feedback!

Please do comment I appreciate any comment just please be honest and rate fairly, Tell me if this guide was okay and I hope it does help you ;3 I know this isn't the longest guide ever, I wanted it to be short and simple to label katarina's strength.


Check me out on twitch livestream if you are interested in seeing more of me playing as Katarina, I can give you advice LIVE. All viewers can chat with me.