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Katarina Build Guide by elnino9

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elnino9

Katarina - Why? Because I can! [Patch 4.21]

elnino9 Last updated on December 18, 2014

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Edits and changes to the guide

7/9/2014 - Added chapter for masteries, runes, added videos, added mastery explanations.

9/9/2014 - Added more items and description in the chapter "Items" and went more indepth on what items should be considered to be bought and what items are weak and not viable on Katarina, ALL HAIL Deathfire Grasp

11/11/2014 - Added more champions for champion matchups and how to counter them, Fixed descriptions for each champion matchup, fixed type mistakes - Added in Fiddle, Heimerdinger, Galio and Jayce.

17/12/2014 - Added my very first Katarina montage! [It's at chapter 4]

I hope you all benefit from this guide, I plan to add more champion matchups and how to deal with them in the next following days! :)

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Katarina ultimate guide - my experience.

Hello everyone! I am a Platinum player and I'm in EU west. this is my guide for my main champion Katarina .. tell me what you guys think about it! :) RATE FAIRLY PLEASE (:
Katarina. truly one of the most unique champions. She is the excellent assassin and the most lovable champion in the game for me. her job is to jump in, take out low or half health champions and destroy everyone with her passive and leave with style *puts on shades* and ofcourse, you can burst full hp champions like Caitlyn or Jinx or any standard AP carry depending on how you play. if you master Katarina you will shred you enemies to pieces.

I have my own Twitch Stream! I play Katarina or Elise most of the time, so feel free to check it out (:

I've had her since 2009 which is when I fell in love with this champion. from that point, she had become my main champion. Each day I read more and more about her, with my first game I did so well, I couldn't stop playing her, she was truly one of the best champions I have ever played. I don't have a problem jumping into 5 people and destroying them when I'm super strong. It gives you an adreline rush, I feel so godlike, my heart pumping constanly because one mistake that you do will cause you to die but usually I get nervous when I'm the only one carrying the game and If I die, the fight is over and we lost. If you are new to Katarina you might want to buy health items, but I don't recommend them personally. items you can use are Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Liandry's Torment. I find them weak on Katarina and don't recommend health items.
I know when I can win a teamfight and when I can't. She can easily take out the whole team by herself if you are aware of the enemy's health and how much damage you can do.

My name is Hussain .. and this is my Katarina guide. I hope this helps! :)

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PATCH 4.15 (UPDATED) How this changed my playstyle on Katarina

This video I created above explains basically everything about what runes and masteries you should use on Katarina, I make some points to why I go for the runes I use and explain masteries. I also Explain what runes are the best for Katarina in the latest patch.

Alot of things have changed in patch 4.5, not much in 4.6. We are curently far away from patch 4.5 and a big part of the changes on patch 4.5 are the runes which changed how I play Katarina. flat armor seals have been nerfed, health of scaling has been buffed, my item order in choices has also differed. now let's go in depth with how I use my runes and items, and how I adapted to the new changes introduced in 4.5

MARKS -- Straight forward, majic penetration 9x marks for better poke potential in lane and just straight up majic pen to compensate for not having it early on in items. you can increase this majic pen with sorcerer's shoes and void staff in game.

SEALS -- Seals of Scaling health is now more viable than ever. I have been always using these runes when I'm matched up with an enemy I am confident in beating. someone like ahri for example, a champion I can stomp, now the use of these runes has increased and it actually is alot better than having armor seals if you're not matched up against AD.
VS AD? -- Now let's say you get matched up with someone like Zed or Talon, you'll need armour, but armor has been nerfed, so what do you do? You should now buy the new buffed armor seals of scaling, this is alot more viable in my opinion simply because now I decide to get zhonya alot earlier, zhonya gives you decent armor and synchronize this with your seals, they can't burst you through late game.
So why do I get armour scaling per lv? better chance of surviving late and synchronizes well with zhonya.
why do I get health per lv seals? Better survivability in lane/late game. I no longer buy doran shield start simply because I already have tons of health with the seals, and I find that doran shield has already been nerfed quite hard, there are other better items to start with as kat. I will go more indepth on that after i finish explaining runes.

GLYPHS -- this really depends on the matchup. If I'm up against an AD, I go ap per lv simply because I don't need to go MR glyphs against someone who is AD. If I'm facing someone like leblanc or kayle, I'll go MR glyphs to give me maximum survivability in lane.

QUINTENCES -- Straight up movement speed in every match up. this IS the best quints for Kat, and there is a reason for that.
1- Your roam potential is increased SIGNIFICANTLY
2- You are able to get back in lane faster, and not miss CS.
3- I now start with boots instead of doran shield, meaning at lv 1 I have good amount of speed, add sorcerer's shoes into this and your escape and chase potential and guranteeing resets is increased significantly.

We have explained runes, now I will explain what items I buy in ORDER from top to bottom. my items remain the same, but I buy them in different orders now and it also really depends on the situation. I will explain in depth why I go for these items.

Boots of Speed + 4 hp pots --- This gives me good roam potential early on, getting back in lane quickly and increases my chase and escape potential from ganks. synchronizes with my rune setup.

Sorcerer's Shoes --- Simple, the majic penetration is great and works well with the rune setup I use. the mobility is good aswell for roaming and catching up or escaping.

Deathfire Grasp --- Burst item, deletes a half health champion or an adc almost instantly. gurantees a reset on your passive, worth grabbing.

Zhonya's Hourglass --- Allows me to freeze in one spot, incase I get caught, lowers my amount of deaths since it can be a life saver. Good to grab after Void Staff.

Rabadon's Deathcap --- Press tab, see if they bought any MR. If they haven't go for this as your next item after zhonya. this literally will stomp people.

Void Staff --- Buy this if they are buying MR, huge power spike item.

Guardian Angel --- this is your final item, and is a must in every situation, why? It revives you upon death, gurantees you can have a chance for another reset, synchronizes well with your zhonya's hourglass in late game so you don't get stomped.

Summoner spells -- Ignite and Flash

Wards -- Buy wards whenever you can, the ward shunpo technique is very helpful for escaping anything, literally. You can also make some serious plays by hopping over walls or dodge an ashe ultimate, or whatever comes at you.

There it is guys, My full rune setup and item choices in this new patch. I took my time thinking what is best to use in this patch since half of the best things did get nerfed.

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16/12/2014 - I made my first Katarina Montage!

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Tips, Playstyle and Tricks .. (Laning, Farming, teamfights and more)

Let me tell you something.

People think Katarina is easy to counter or simply underplayed and not a good champion, you are highly mistaken. If you can play Katarina effectivley you can destroy anyone you face in lane, you just need to be clever. I can beat Ahri Diana Kassadin Fizz Cho'Gath - If you play your champion well, you can win your game. I have carried countless games with Katarina by playing it smart.

Laning and Farming

Now, with Katarina, your job is to kill instantly and go for another kill if possible. if you can't get another kill, Shunpo out with ward or on one of your allies. You should only use your ultimate when you can confirm a kill 100%, for early laning phase, you can use your ult to force the enemy to use health potions or to drop them low enough so that your next combo will kill them instantly. Don't do this against champions that can react to your ultimate like LeBlanc or Zed since they can both escape your range just by pressing W. You can do that on Nidalee because she can't cancel your Death Lotus, she has pounce but if you're fast enough she will react very late, she has to turn into cougar then Pounce. In laning phase you start with either Cloth Armor and 5 hp potions, or Boots of Speed and 4 hp pots. Go armor against AD, go for Boots of Speed start against any non-AD. I find Kha'Zix in lane very weak and with his nerfs he shouldn't be a big deal, so you can go for these runes against him - 9x magic pen marks, 9x health per lv seals, 9 AP per lv glyphs and 3 movespeed quints, start with Cloth Armor and you're good to go. you don't need armor scaling seals against a Kha due to his weak laning phase potential and might as well go for the health which will be useful for surviving anything in general. avoid skillshots with Shunpo and try to get the Needlessly Large Rod asap to be built to a Deathfire Grasp and you should go for Sorcerer's Shoes aswell. when Farming, use your Bouncing Blades to last hit and then use your Sinister Steel this can be used to harrass after level 6 when you are confident.


Now, with teamfights.. you need the perfect timing to enter the fight. go in too early and you'll get focused down and killed, go in too late and your team will fall without you. look for that perfect moment, secure it, and kill everyone. I recommend putting Deathfire Grasp as number 1 active and smart/quick cast it so you can do your combo fast. However you don't have to put it as 1, you can put it as you wish, whatever is comfortable for you. Your job is to kill half health champions and their main carries and as you're spinning there in the middle of the fight, you need to get a reset from your Voracity. this is why you should kill someone with half health to get that reset, then your ultimate will do the damage in an AOE and if you get a kill you can jump to another person and finish them off aswell, look for other half health champions and kill them too. and then continue doing that till the entire team is dead. the enemy has no time to react when they are half health because you have already killed them by the time they try to react. this is how you're supposed to play Katarina, don't be silly and go for those half health champions and finish them off. if you are extremley fed, you can literally jump in 1v5 and take out their entire team, try to go for a suprise attack or try to get your friends to distract the enemy so they won't even expect you. your time to attack is when your allies are receiving damage and when you find half health champions. that is your time to kill them all. sometimes, they don't need to be half health, you can use Deathfire Grasp on them when full health and then use your full combo, that would kill carries or AP mid's instantly. even tanks, that is only if you are very strong to the point where they have no time to react.

With Katarina, you can always have some excellent ways to avoid damage from skill shots .. and this is by using shunpo. Now imagine Lux - she uses all her combo on you and you panic, just use Shunpo directly on her, you will avoid all the damage she has thrown at you because they are skill shot, once you Shunpo to her, you appear behind her. destroy her with your combo, always mark them first with Bouncing Blades so the next skill does double damage.

As Katarina you are EXTREMLEY mobile. you easily run around the map and gank other lanes without a problem. This is why I highly prefer movement speed quintences. it just makes her so mobile and enter teamfights quicker and jump in there when your team needs you despartley to kill everyone. Movespeed quints allow you to escape ganks effectivley, chase, escape and roam effectivley on other lanes. People might say this isn't perfect on Katarina but I'm telling you now, this is alot more decent than using AP quintences which is used for lane dominance but I prefer the speed because it helps so much by mid/late game when you start roaming and you can also escape death situations since you are faster than your enemy. You can look for ganks, MS quints helps you get to their lanes faster and help them out.

She can avoid skillshots with Shunpo, you can always Shunpo to allies or minions which make the skillshots mid champions pretty hard to target you since they can't land their skillshots on you easily as you're shunpoing all over the place. this minimizes the amount of harrass you receive. You should make very minimum mistakes to come out on top, don't do silly things where you can't kill your enemy. Use Shunpo to your advantage. You can always ward and Shunpo, it's like a free flash over a wall, a nice way to escape or catch someone recalling on the other side. whenever you have a ward, you should attempt that technique depending on the situation, don't be hesitant. it's just like Lee Sin but with Shunpo. You can even Shunpo to your minion wave to get back to your turret and that is something I always do, I keep an eye on my minion wave then I follow it so incase I get ganked I already have a planned safe route.

I highly recommend you get wraiths in your jungle or steal the enemy's wraiths, it helps you get ahead of your enemy with the XP and money. Whenever you see your enemy recalling, shove your lane hard then see if there are any possible ganks you can do. if there is no chance of ganking and you pushed your lane, you can steal the enemy's wraiths and take your wraiths. it helps you get ahead.

Here are champions that can be annoying to deal with and some that you just need to be aware of and becareful when playing against them

Lux - Her Q, E, AND R.
Ezreal - His Q, W, and R.
Morgana - Her bind and ult.
Gragas - Barrels, ultimate's knockback and the charge.
Lissandra - Her claw and poke.
Anivia - Her stun and massive ult aoe.

What other champions can do to you.

Amumu - Bandage toss and Ultimate.
Zed - He can escape your initiation with shadows, cancelling your reset.
Ashe - Stuns you hard and if you get focused afterwards, you're dead.
Akali - crazy gap closer, play safe if she's fed hard.
Skarner - One of the most annoying ultimates, if he uses your ult on you and his team have a follow up, you are dead. unless you have your Zhonya's Hourglass and your team is there to help you out.

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How to Outplay your opponents (MY VIDEOS)

Here is my outplay at enemy inhibitor as I successfully get a good clean up on kills and go for the enemy inhibitor

Fast reactions, fast reflexes. This is what seperates the good Katarina's from the bad ones. this video shows exactly how to surpass a situation where I would've completley died had I not reacted in time. I survive this by depending on my Passive Voracity and fast reaction timing. I escape death TWICE if you continue watching till the end.

I started laughing alot because, come on. that was Pretty funny.

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Runes and it's importance (How to COUNTER your COUNTER)

I will now show you the 3 ESSENTIAL type of runes you should have as Katarina against every certain type of match up you come across. You can beat your counters, just use your game knowledge and champions knowledge to beat them. Runes are more important than you might think. The change of runes can guarantee your lane succession and late game domination. Let's get started.

Laning against AD champions


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

This will overall keep you safe in lane against high AD burst champions. Start with a Cloth Armor vs AD champions and 5 health pots to sustain. the Armor scaling seals will do the rest of the job to keep you safe through late game. Zed has the potential to burst at lv 6 with an elixir, but with your armor, he simply can't since your armor scales. This also depends on how much health you have and how well you use Shunpo. You HAVE to Shunpo to escape easily. Bait Zed into a trap where you jungler can gank. The same applies to Talon, you can just easily outplay him with shunpo, sure he can silence you but the damage you recieve is relativleyLOW. I have personally beaten AD champions including Yasuo aswell, sure he looks really strong but he is beatable with these runes. Save these runes as one rune page and make sure to use it vs AD champions at mid lane, this applies for ranked competitive play as you can see who the enemy will pick. you can even first pick Katarina and see what they pick and play correctly against them.

Laning against AP champions


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Laning against AP champions is not as frustrating as it might sound to you. Alot of people think 'Ooh no, it's a Ziggs and I'm playing kat. GG' when in reality you can perfectly beat high AP champions. you need to think - Okay, so Ziggs has his Q which he can use to poke and clear waves. what's a good stating item against that? Boots of Speed and health pots! This allows me to dodge Ziggs Q's. And the runes I have put up are perfect, the health per lv seals are still worth placing in there because Ziggs can poke and you need good amount of health to stay in the lane. That seal has also been buffed so it's worth going for, you don't need armor vs an AP champion anyway. Gragas also uses basic attacks, Diana, Fizz - these champions will run out of mana eventually. You don't use mana. you're Katarina. staying safe and not poking alot on these champions is the best way. you can rely on items for AP but it's mostly important to survive laning phase and take farm. you can begin poking with Bouncing Blades at lv 5 or 6 when you have made Bouncing Blades at level 3 where the damage is higher. Ask your jungler for ganking, make sure to roam when it's possible to get a kill. Fiddlesticks and LeBlanc are probably the most annoying to handle but they are beatable, they are both squishy and you can DELETE them with deathfire grasp active, you can completley suprise fiddle if you're quick enough with Deathfire Grasp and your full combo Q,E,W,R. your jungler plays a big role in this too so consider him aswell. I also like to mention Orianna and Lux both of them have shields and most people pick barrier on them to increase their shield further. these are champions that can be annoying to burst but they are beatable with these runes. just make sure to fight with your jungler and let the enemy waste barrier.

Normal Laning Phase

Lastly, I will talk about the NORMAL and COMFORTABLE runes for Katarina. This is if you are super confident against your matchup but you have to be skilled with Katarina to go for this, so give yourself time. I use:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These runes are if you are comfortable laning against a champion - for example: Twisted Fate, Teemo, Ahri these are skill matchups and requires you to be skilled with the champion to use these runes. Don't use them until you're ready, stick with the MR glyphs if you're not ready. AP per level glyphs just allows that extra stomping power you'll have late game but MR is always a good choice anyway.

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The masteries you use on Katarina are simple and basic. You're going for a standard AP type of masteries that will be effective in every type of matchup, I will explain why I spend my points on each mastery point so you can have a better understanding of my choices.

Double-Edged Sword - Typically with this mastery point, you're dealing an additional 2% damage and receive an additional 1.5% damage. With Katarina, you shouldn't receive as much damage so picking a point in this will help boost your kill potential by 2%.

Sorcery - Now, I'm sure some of you might be wondering.. "why 3 points in this?" well typically cooldown is good on Katarina and everything, but this amount of cooldown is already enough. you also need a point in Dangerous Game which is very important on Katarina so might aswell not spend the entire 4 points on cooldown since Katarina already should depend on her passive Voracity to get resets and Deathfire Grasp 10% cooldown.

Expose Weakness - It increases allied champions' damage by 1% for the next 3 seconds, Katarina has AOE (area of effect) damage from her Death Lotus and Sinister Steel and her Bouncing Blades can bounce. So definatley worth picking up for that ad carry to get that extra damage in. Believe me, it can make a little difference.

Executioner - This allows Katarina to get resets more effectivley making her a strong burst assasssin. I spend all 3 points on this because you NEED to burst those half HP champions and get those resets rolling from your passive Voracity. this Mastery is made for Katarina.

Archmage - Self explanatory, gives you AP.

Dangerous Game - This is literally my favourite mastery, it gives you HP and mana upon killing a champion. We don't benefit from the mana but the health is definatley benefitial. I have been put in situations where I popped Zhonya's Hourglass and I was super low health and the enemy were all half hp surrounding me for the kill. I get the first reset by shunpoing on one of them and killing them and that will give me more health to kill the rest. So yes, I ended up with a penta kill. This mastery can make these type of situations happen.

Devastating Strikes - Armor and magic penetration, definatley needed.

Arcane Blade - This helps you last hit better as you build AP on Katarina and it's still considered useful early game where you have to last hit some minions under your turret. worth grabbing a point in this mastery.

Havoc - 3% increased damage, I'll take it.

Now onto defense Masteries

Block - This helps from any champion really, even mages can basic attack. worth grabbing.

Recovery - Helps you regen your health and this is espeically useful during laning phase where Katarina can get poked alot and it basically increases the amount of hp you receive from health potions.

Unyielding - Reduces damage by 2, it helps not just with basic attack but all incoming damage. Yes I got away with 5 hp once thanks to this mastery.

Veteran Scars - This is a very important mastery because it helps you survive better, the health is needed on Katarina, plain and simple. if you go for utility masteries instead of defense masteries, it is just not as useful on Katarina. I cannot stress how important it is to survive during fights. this mastery is DEFINATLEY worth grabbing and compliments your health per level seals if you use what I use. this just suits my type of playstyle.

Juggernaut - Another important mastery. more health, more survivability. definatley put a point in this mastery.

These masteries should be use in pretty much every type of matchup. these are the perfect Masteries for Katarina. It's not even worth going for any Utility points, Go straight up defense and focus on your survivability. Good Katarina players don't go for utility simply because it is NOT needed. Utility points give you speed? I use movespeed quints. Utility gives you increased health pot duration? I have 4 health pots when I start the game and that is enough to sustain throughout laning phase. Biscuits? No, just no.

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Champion Matchups - How to win against all different types of Champions

I will list the colours Green, Yellow and Red as which champions are difficult to lane against, and what you can do to win against them.

Red is Hard match up
Yellow is Normal match up
Green is Easy match up


Aatrox is probably one of the hardest lanes if you're playing Katarina, he is incredibly annoying due to his Blood Well meaning you will not get your reset from your passive Voracity, He will jump on you with his Q, slash you away and soon enough force you out of lane. However, he is beatable, and there is a way to stop him, but it won't be easy.

You have to constantly poke at him with your Q, remember to max your Q, and always avoid being knocked up by his Q. he has amazing sustain, so watch out. You have your 5 health potions start with 4 wards, use that to always remain in lane and get as much farm as you can. Keep last hitting minions but remember not to get too close to him. He will wreck you, it is what he wants. he wants you to get closer to the minions so he can literally take away half your health with his Q and basic attacks. he could kill you. You can go Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion which gives you good odds against a champion like Aatrox. this way, you have atleast some decent armour to defend yourself and last hit as normal with Q. Ask your jungler for help early on, put some pressure into him. if you see Aatrox out of lane, shove your minion wave and look to roam and gank other lanes. If that's not possible, take wraiths or wolves to keep your xp ahead of Aatrox and so you can gain extra gold.


Ahri is a very playable and popular champion. her kit is very powerful and provides lots of mobility and decent amount of damage. same as Katarina, they are both assassins. Most ahri's like to go for Deathfire Grasp and it's really powerful. Ahri is a skill-shot based champion, Katarina is not, meaning if you outplay her by dodging her Charm and Orb of Deception you can come out on top against her in lane. She uses mana, you don't. With your 5 health potions and Boots of Speed early on, you can stay in lane longer by dodging her abilities. pop health potions when you take damage. This is why I use movement speed quintences on every matchup since you can dodge skillshots and run around faster than your lane opponent. stay behind your minions at early stage of the game and ask your jungler for help to pressure the Ahri, your main goal here is to collect as much farm as you can to buy Needlessly Large Rod and that is where you will shine against her. she isn't hard, Ahri is NOT a counter to Katarina.

Play Katarina the correct way and you will come out on top in that match up. Make sure that every time Ahri leaves her lane, you watch out for top lane and bot lane, see which lane is most pushed and which you think Ahri will most likley go to. She is a mobile champion, she can gank very effectivley with her ultimate Spirit Rush - Don't allow her to gank effectivley against your allies, see if you can help them out! Once you have your Rabadon's Deathcap and Deathfire Grasp your single target damage is RIDICILOUSLY high, the earlier you get these items, the stronger you will shine late game. Try to focus on that against Ahri and she will not live to see another day, Teehee!


There is nothing threatning about Akali when you are Katarina, you can simply destroy her in lane, however don't get too greedy and underestimate her so easily. her Q and E hurts, and is a good way to burst you down. Just remember to play it safe early on like in every lane, get your farm, and ask help from your jungler. you can easily destroy her, even when she is in stealth mode you can still Use Death Lotus in the area and you can execute her. Once she gets level 6, this is where she becomes a bit stronger and will most likley start jumping on you if you get too close, If she does, use Bouncing Blades and Sinister Steel this will give you decent damage on her and get away from her with the Sinister Steel movement speed. If you can kill her as she ults on you, use Q,W,R instantly. if she decides to back off, jump on her with shunpo to secure the kill or Ignite. she is not hard, but don't underestimate her. If she lands her Q, good akali's will wait a few seconds until their Q is back up. once it is, they can Shadow Dance, E, throw another Q, Shadow Dance and it will hurt like crazy. Make sure you build the correct Items and you'll be just fine.


Ah, Anivia. She is pretty annoying when it comes with her passive. You can't secure a kill on her early on unless you get help from your jungler. she is easy, but also not easy. She's pretty weak when it comes to dueling against Katarina but never underestimate the damage output. make sure you always stay away from her stun and the AOE effect she puts on the ground. Most Anivia's will just stay behind their minions at early stage and keep on farming. They will attempt to harrass whenever the chance is given, so you do the same and just focus on getting your Needlessly Large Rod and you'll be fine. Avoid deaths from her, a fed Anivia can be irritating. Use your roaming abilities whenever she is away from lane. shove your minion wave and look for ways to help your team or collect jungle wraiths or wolves. Overall, she is beatable. just remember, your passive will not trigger if you kill her when she is on egg form, so watch out! always left click on Anivia to see if her passive is up or not, this is INCREDIBLY important when facing Anivia as you have to know when you can kill her and when you can't.


Here comes Annie, a champion that is labelled one of the toughest counters against Katarina, but in reality, that is INCREDIBLY untrue. If you outplay Annie, you can destroy her. Here is a tip if you are playing against her. You can tell when her stun is up when you see a whirlwind around the character Annie herself, it shows a constant whirlwind around her indicating her next ability will stun. Simply put, don't be silly and get in range of her abilities so you don't get stunned and don't attempt to kill her when she has the stun. It's that simple really, besides that you can destroy her, if she gets a few kills on you it will be hard to come back, don't underestimate the demon child. There are much more threatning champions than Annie when you are playing Katarina.


Brand is one tough champion, seriously. Even without AP, he does some incredibly good damage and can burst so hard. With Katarina, you can dodge Brand's Pillar of Flame and Sear. You can shunpo on minions in lane to dodge these abilities. these abilities cost TONS of mana if he decides to harrass you early on, meaning he will have to recall at some point. even if he has flask or Mana Potion, he will run out, and when he does, keep on farming since you have 5 health potions and 4 wards, this will keep you safe from ganks and stay in lane MUCH longer than he will. Get your items ASAP and destroy him, get help from your jungler. use your roaming abilities and see if you can help other lanes out whenever possible, it's always important that when you are playing Katarina, you don't just focus on your lane. it's important to look around the map and see where Brand might roam or where he might gank, and assist your team. Brand is not hard, but don't underestimate him one bit, he is one tough fire man, seriously.


Cassiopeia is beatable, and you can win against her when playing Katarina pretty easily actually. She is not a champion that can take alot of damage, and you can dodge her poison pretty easily with Shunpo, although remember she has it often so only go for farm when you know you can't be poked with Noxious Blast. Early on, she will poke like crazy and it will be annoying for a while, but later on you just completley demolish her if you farmed well and have decent items. Overall, not a big deal. definatley beatable if you play it right.


This is an annoying lane match up you can ever have when you are Katarina. He is just so annoying to face, and he can sustain in lane more than you and constantly harrass you while taking damage without a problem. If he goes Abyssal Scepter with lots of tankiness, and he gets a few early kills on you.. you're gonna have a REALLY bad time. Don't give him kills, don't try to 1v1 him, it's that simple. Only go all in when your jungler is around. However, to every champion, there is a weakness you can overcome, and Cho'Gath weakness is early game pressure. Besides, you can completley outplay a cho'gath with shunpoing around minions. if your jungler and you add some early pressure on Cho'gath and hopefully get first blood, you're gonna have a good lead against him early on, you should instantly get your Needlessly Large Rod for maximum damage and keep farming safely. DON'T buy MR against him, go for your damage items because he isn't a threat to you, it's annoying only throughout laning phase. Keep farming safely and always avoid his Rupture. Never try to execute him when he's full health, he has his Feral Scream which silences you and he will end up using Feast on you, killing you instantly. Only initiate if he has already used Feral Scream on minion wave or if you believe you have enough damage to kill him. other than that, not the biggest counters, you can roam better than him and have better assassination potential than him.


Diana is not a scary champion. If you see on lolcounter, she is listed as one of the top counters to Katarina and I am here to tell you this is completley and utterly FALSE, it's ridiculous how people agree to it, because smart Katarina players can overcome Diana. Only the bad Katarina players can lose against A Diana. Against Diana, you want to constanly avoid her Crescent Strike, once you do, you can go ahead and harrass with her Q,E,W. she will do very weak damage on you as all she has is her basic attacks, Pale Cascade, and her Moonfall, be sure to do this combo as soon as she missed her Q, the Q cooldown is pretty short so make sure you avoid it at all cost. she uses mana, you don't. You will stay in lane longer than her and you will get to roam and collect farm more than her if you begin with 5 health potions and 4 wards. Overall, her shield avoids some of your damage, so again don't underestimate her completley. she is still a good pick. Make sure you don't let her hit you with her Crescent Strike as she can use her Lunar Rush and it will be annoying as hell.. she will do her full combo on you and it will possibly kill you or drop you very low. Becareful! your main goal here is to collect farm safely, and always avoid her Crescent Strike as she needs this ability to hit for her full combo.


So Fizz is definatley a strong champion, he can be strong without necessarily having to rush a Rabadon's Deathcap into massive amount of AP due to his high base damage. Katarina has lower base damage and needs her Deathfire Grasp to make an impact. In laning phase, you can poke Fizz here and there with your Bouncing Blades but once he activates Seastone Trident you know he is planning to charge at you with Urchin Strike and you need to avoid this by using Shunpo on a minion or place a ward and Shunpo to it. It's very important you always look at your Shunpo cooldown because if you don't have it up when you need it, it could be certain death if their jungler pops out of nowhere and you have no real escape. you can alternatively escape using Sinister Steel to give you the movement speed bonus but it's better to get out of range with your Shunpo.

The important thing to do vs a Fizz is don't try to all in him with all your abilities because he has Playful / Trickster and he can completely dodge everything you threw at him. The best thing to do is wait till he uses the ability to clear a wave, or perhaps you threw a Bouncing Blades and he dodged it with his Playful / Trickster, you can charge in by leading with Deathfire Grasp and your full combo Shunpo - Sinister Steel and then Death Lotus and only Ignite him if necessary. Remember that if Fizz uses Urchin Strike on you, you have to have Shunpo ready otherwise you will get stomped with his continuous basic attacks from his Seastone Trident and eventually he will pop Chum the Waters to swallow you whole. You know what's cool about Katarina? You can completely dodge his ultimate, with a press of a button. Shunpo. I can't stress enough how important this ability is in laning phase because you can poke fizz with your Bouncing Blades but eventually he will try to play aggresive and you need that Shunpo ready for a proper escape. Don't underestimate his damage because he can hurt. the key to this match up is based on skill, he isn't a hard match up, all it needs is precision, timing and quick reactions and very efficient use of Shunpo and you will master this match up every time.


Alright, number one key if you're up against this guy is to know that he is a complete annoying lil poop head. Now that we have acknowledged that, let us move on. This guy is super annoying in lane, he will poke you with Dark Wind constantly and silence you when you try to go for minions, when you try to all in, pretty much anything you do this guy, he will CAW-CAW-CAW-CAW out of nowhere and make your life a living hell. This guy is definatley someone to be FEARED (see what I did there, cuz he fears with Terrify-okay).

Guess what though, he really isn't that scary if you know what you're doing and you know what you're up against. You can definatley expect a completley mindless Katarina to get stomped by this guy, this seperates the good Katarina's and the bad ones. Fiddlesticks can also be a scary jungler, so what you need to do if you're up vs an enemy fiddle jungler is put up wards all over the sides of the jungle, that is where he can easily strike through a wall and Crowstorm all over your face and nothing can be done about it. Vs a Fiddle, wards are your friends. You cannot allow him to CAW-CAW-CAW-CAW over a wall and get to you, it's just too much. Thankfully since you're kat, you have Shunpo to escape him before he engages, use ward + shunpo to escape his range. During lane, Fiddle can still Crowstorm across walls, you might think "Oh, he's gone back to base or went to pressure another lane, I'll keep pushing my lane." Until it's too late and all he was doing is hiding in his wraith camp, waiting for you to be reckless. What some fiddlesticks will do is wait till you have 2 or 3 minions at turret and jump at you so the turret agro can hit you, his Crowstorm will kill a full wave either way if he has enough AP, so watch out! play smart! His Terrify is super annoying which leaves you open for ganks, try to keep your distance and farm during laning phase. He is very squishy, the faster you suprise him the less he can do about it. If you have Deathfire Grasp and he tries to gank bot for example, and you're hiding in the dragon pit and there is no vision on that area, he will have his eyes on bot lane because he doesn't expect anyone to be in the dragon pit. That's where you suprise him. Be a little creative with how you play vs him, the faster you are mechanically the better you will do against him. Take my advice, I've went against so many fiddlesticks with a lot of success. His Drain is scary if he has alot of damage, try avoiding getting feared as much as possible. At a later stage of the game, every fiddlesticks buys a Zhonya's Hourglass which is used when a fiddle uses Crowstorm. They jump over a wall, then pop zhonya. Never stay in his ult range, you take hella ton damage. Only engage a fiddlesticks when his zhonya is down and you have teammates nearby. don't try to 1v1 a fiddlesticks who is strong unless you can completley surprise him as I suggested in my example with the dragon pit.


Oh Galio, the under rated dragon no one cares about anymore, this guy is a monster if played right. His Runic Skin allows him to collect magic resistance yet still remain strong, something you should worry about. What most Galio's do is that they buy Null-Magic Mantle as their first item when they go vs AP. It's not something that big to worry about, I'm more worried about his ult and late game, he is much stronger in teamfights. In laning phase, he's not even that much of a big deal. Your damage will definatley be neglected but you can still destroy him with his Idol of Durand being down. In early laning phase, dodging Resolute Smite is the first thing you should do, this is his main damage output. Galio only uses this ability and Righteous Gust as his damage abilities, his Ultimate is also considered damage ofcourse. Righteous Gust does nothing early on, even if he hits level 6 it won't be a big factor to be worried about. His Resolute Smite hurts once he starts leveling up, something you need to watch out for. If he misses Resolute Smite, go in for a quick Q,E,basic attack,W to put in as much damage as possible without receiving damage back. He can't do anything except use his Bulwark and once that goes on cooldown and he misses the next Resolute Smite, go in for another q,e, basic attack W. He will eventually drop low enough and will be forced to back. He uses ALOT of mana for his abilities it's kinda silly, so force him to use these abilities and you will come out on top. Watch out when he hits level 6, his Idol of Durand allows the enemy jungler to hop in and kill you. Never engage Galio with his ult up, that's the last thing you want to do.


Drop that hammer and raise your blades, for I shall explain how you beat this mad scientist. This guy is NOTHING at a late stage of the game vs Katarina. Here is how the game will go vs Heimerdinger. He will put down his turrets, pew pew pew all day on your minions and shove your lane like crazy. once he gets level 6, he will have better protection if he gets ganked and he has the chance to sniper you under turret if you're low health. So number 1 rule vs a heimerdinger is to ALWAYS dodge his abilities, you can't afford to get dropped low hp and be forced out of lane, that's the last thing you want. dodge his Hextech Micro-Rockets as much as possible. These things are really annoying, when you get put up vs a heimerdinger just know that you will get your lane shoved the entire time. What you need to do is farm safely under your turret and get as much gold as possible. Once you buy Deathfire Grasp, you will feel the satisfaction of killing that crazy scientist and ripping him to pieces. If he doesn't have a Zhonya's Hourglass poke him here and there, then go for the kill with deathfire and full combo. don't be scared and don't hesitate, he will piss his pants so much because he won't even know how much damage you actually deal with a deathfire, you can completely suprise him. Play it smart and you won't have to worry about anything. So things to watch out for are his skill shots. Oh, and don't let your jungler gank your lane when heimerdinger is level 6, chances are he will kill you and your jungler because his turrets will zone you out of range and it's not worth the risk, he can pop his UPGRADE!!! and chances are you won't even be full health to help your jungler. If heimerdinger is half health or low mana, then that is a good time for a gank since he can't do anything about it except flash. Always make sure you time the enemy flashes, It' a 5 minute cooldown, let your jungler know how long till the enemy flash is back up and that will improve the ganks you recieve by ALOT.


*Cough* I sense someone I hate *Cough*

Where do I start with this guy, As you see I listed Jayce in red font to show how annoying/hard he can be in lane. Man, this guy is a poke god, he will poke the living poop out of you until you die and that is something you need to watch out for, BIG time. You can't afford to get poked by his To the Skies! / Shock Blast because once he gets damage and Tear of the Goddess, his poke damage will just be silly during lane and the amount of mana he can keep is insane. The range of his poke is also extremley high so he can poke you through a wall or bush easily while you are under your turret. I'll tell you how to dig out this pile of dirt.

to play vs Jayce, you need reaction timing, quick fingers and anticipation. Anticipation is the knowledge of the enemy's abilities and knowing when he will use it and when he won't. That is what we call "Anticipation" and it will play a key role vs jayce. Sometimes anticipation is more important then your reaction timing, because if you know something is coming and you know when he will pop it, you can easily dodge it. reaction timing is not having the knowledge that an ability is coming, but you simply react to it. BOTH are going to be important vs Jayce. Let's go in detail.

If you are under turret, chances of Jayce poking you is very high. INFACT, he will go in the left or right bush in mid lane and throw down his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate and To the Skies! / Shock Blast so you wouldn't see it coming. Things like that you should keep in mind, know when you are safe and when you are not. How to avoid his EQ is also to stay behind your minions. His Q can't pass through minions and that is a safe way to grab some farm here and there. Make sure you don't get too close or he will use his melee combo on you, if he does pop his To the skies directly on you, pop a ward and Shunpo to it or use a minion and shunpo to it so he doesn't lay down full combo. The main key vs this guy is to always dodge his poke. I can't stress how important it is to dodge and side step his abilities. Use Shunpo as your main ability to dodge, i use movement speed quinences so I'm able to dodge even better with my mobility. You don't have to if you don't want to, I just prefer the speed on Katarina because mobility is my number one factor, I will already have plenty of damage once I grab Deathfire Grasp.

Your jungler can help you out aswell, just remember that if you get poked way too much, your jungler can't help. Since you're too low, the jayce will put his focus on you and you can easily die and Jayce could easily survive. Always remain cautious, Always keep your eyes open. laning phase won't be the easiest thing in the world vs Jayce but you can deal with him. A mindless Katarina will definatley lose vs Jayce. Don't try to 1v1 him early on, Don't try to get too close to him. Only fight him when you have Deathfire Grasp and you know you can kill him. Watch out for his Thundering Blow As it can cancel your Death Lotus

More champion matchups coming in - I'll put up Kayle, Ziggs, Karthus, Kassadin, malphite, Malzahar, Lux, Leblanc, Lissandra, Veigar, Twisted Fate, Morgana, Orianna and many more to come! In the mean time, I hope you all learn something from this and hope it helps you in your future games.


STILL IN PROCESS, MORE CHAMPION MATCH UPS COMING SOON. Please comment and say what champion you'd like me to mention, I am already covering up the main mid champions, AD and AP. Thank you! Please give me good feedback, I will continue this guide and improve it!


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Item Choices and my opinions

You don't need Hextech Gunblade .. because there are far better items. Katarina is ment to be a pure AP carry and personally I don't think Hextech Gunbladeis the perfect item for her. You don't need to sustain yourself in lane because you should get the damage which you need more than sustaining yourself in lane. This is literally an item you should NEVER get. it's weak on Katarina who is an assassin that depends on high damage output and hextech gunblade is not the way to go for bursting people.

So Abyssal Scepter is an okay item, but it still isn't the best to use. You can use this if you're scared of being bursted by an Annie but it still doesn't cut it because as an assassin your job is to BURST and not be BURSTED so you have to go all in and show Annie who's the boss. not just Annie the same applies for Malzahar who I have won against countless times without buying Abyssal Scepter. so basically, don't buy this if you're looking to kill people, this is for protection purposes which doesn't suit Katarina's playstyle at all.

Mejai's Soulstealer is really good if you're completely snowballing, this is typically really good for low elo because alot of players in low elo will be making mistakes so grabbing this item after getting a needlessly large rod is worth going for. I don't highly recommend this for high elo because the player's decision making at the top ladder are not as reckless as low elo.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter has proven to not be the best for Katarina, If you want to get ryali's that's okay, I just personally don't find it that great on Katarina who is an assassin, not some damage dealer who does damage here and there. she needs to go all in and this item doesn't compliment her playstyle, she needs damage mostly and not focusing much on health. If you are new to Katarina however, this could be a good item to use to get started since you may make mistakes and the health you get from this item will help you sustain yourself. the build that I use is a little bit of a risky build, meaning if you make a mistake you're most likley going to recieve alot of punish. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the item for you if you are having problems with your positioning in teamfights or you feel that the health is needed to survive fights. Still don't recommend it at all, no matter what the situation is. it's weak on an assassin like Katarina

Okay so here is the thing with Haunting Guise. the amount of health it gives is good to survive fights, but 25 AP on someone like Katarina is a laughable matter compared to other items. Sure it has magic pen but Void Staff is a better item than this by a long shot. this item is just not worth getting. So you want to build a Liandry's Torment? Still extremley weak for such a high price item which offer NOTHING for someone like Katarina. a Needlessly large rod costs 1600G, a Haunting Guise is 1485G and offers little AP compared to needlessly large rod. It's just not worth the pick, don't go for it.

Deathfire Grasp is the key to everything! it has 10% cooldown and AP damage plus a very nice active that makes everything Katarina does even BETTER. the cooldown is great on Katarina as it is what she needs in fights, her passive Voracity is awesome with this item since every assist or kill you get reduces katarina's cooldown by 15. this helps give you even more cooldown for your ultimate Death Lotus to be back up after a kill or assist, I rush it immedaitley, no matter what the situation is, this item is a must for me because the active is so nice. The active is that it throws out a spell to your targeted champion, and for the next couple of seconds it will deal more damage. synchronize this with Rabadon's Deathcap and you are doing crazy amount of damage. this item destroys.. put this as smart cast number 1 or whatever you wish, and use it before teamfights on a key target. Jinx being a pain in the booty? Deathfire Grasp all over her face and delete her health from full to 0. Remember positioning is the key and watching what the enemy has like Intervention or Lulu's ultimate is also taken into consideration for what you should do. Jinx has no escape ability so is a perfect target to jump on. This is how you should think when you're in game. What can I do? Who do I target? This Item is a MUST. Always get it, always rush it. period.

An important item for all AP carries, definatley grab this for maximum damage, this is a self explanatory item and is a must on Katarina.

Ah, Void Staff - this is an excellent item to get mainly because it ignores 35% of the enemy's magic resist dealing significant damage. this is a must get, it synchronizes really well with sorcerer shoes's magic penetration.

Guardian Angel is a really decent item and I prefer getting it pretty much all the time, mainly because if I make a mistake I can still get back in there and deal some more damage. Since my kit is super aggresive, you should still add some survivability in your playstyle so you don't get completely stomped. Guardian Angel would help me accomplish that second chance that I need after dying. Decent item, must get. it allows you to have a chance to get your resets if you make a mistake, you can still have a chance to do even more. this is a good item if you get caught and you see someone low health, you can kill him and if your team is with you, you can even finish off their entire team. the magic resist and armour is incredible, increasing your survivability chance.

A great item to have for those crazy AD damage assassins like Zed or Yasuo but let's be honest, that's not always the reason we get this item. Zhonya's Hourglass active is what makes it what it is. Annie flashed in your range to throw her tibbers? pop Zhonya. Zed uses Death Mark on you? Pop Zhonya. Syndra uses her ult? Pop Zhonya. Zhonya's Hourglass just adds so much more flexibility to your kit allowing you to make risky plays worth it and saving yourself from that last tick of ignite. you'll have a decent amount of armour and a great amount of AP, definatley grab this item.

Large rod connects to 3 essential item that kat needs. Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass and Deathfire Grasp. these 3 items all connect with the large rod and having all 3 of those connections will give you the following:

Crazy amount of AP damage
Cooldown reduction
Zhonya's hourglass active, deathfire grasp active.

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Excellent damage output
One of the best assassins
Can escape scary situations with shunpo, can be used on minions or allies
Has the most amazing skins, including the new christmas skin.
Verocity passive is amazing, a kill or assist reduces all cooldowns by 15
When she is not focused and she enters a fight, she can wipe out the entire team easily.. I've done it before, believe me, it's amazing.
Decent ganker at early levels


If focused, she will drop low, but you can always use shunpo or flash to escape
farming early is hard.
Needs skill to master
Mistakes with Katarina can lead to death.
I honestly don't find anything bad about Katarina other than this, she is amazing if you play her well. enough said.

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Please do comment I appreciate any comment just please be honest and rate fairly, Tell me if this guide was okay and I hope it does help you ;3 I know this isn't the longest guide ever, I wanted it to be short and simple to label katarina's strength.


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