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Katerina AD *explaination*

Last updated on November 4, 2010
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*Ok now I am VERY new to this site and i dont really know how the skills should be set but it will be explained in the quick guide*

Even saying this i can also put out that ive never played AP Kat and i dont plan to. kat just feels like an attk dam character and i refuse to dip her in the pot of contridictions

i am an AD fan because of bouncing blade
you want to max out your bouncing blades and killer instincts as fast as possible and make sure you take mid lane.

as you know killer instincts lets every boucing blade do max damage instead of decresing. so with this you will have around 450+ i think AD so you will be able to HURT

the reason why i dont really like AP kat is just the face that shunpo nukes..thats it.. and your ult, which isnt that bad on AD, with no attk damage, if you dont get the kill with shunpo on AP you most likely wont, because of the lack of damage you have.

AD kat trick

if you throw a killer inst. bounced blade on a row of minions it will reach the end and hit the anybody beside it, ive gotten so much kills from just doing this because people dont expect it.

also, most builds focus only on attk so it can catch up with AP kat but thats not needed, the frozen mallet give you the slow and a lot of health, and the cutlass gives you a cheaper attk damage item with life steal. and with a cool active.