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Kats out the bag

Last updated on September 20, 2011
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This is my build of Katarina

The most important thing is the use of W, E, R on champions in that order

W increases attack damage and speed

E teleports to champion doing large damage, good for finishing off champions

R spins on the spot throwing 10 daggers of high damage to all surrounding champions

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The items are purchased in that order as its important to get high ability power at the start of the game.

If you manage to get a kill early on, make sure you maintain it and dont die, this increases your chances of a 2nd, and a 3rd and so on.

Given her only health is the +500 from the scepter, the boots of mobility are essential and the summoner spell flash, to teleport to cursors location, can be useful when caught by a tank or slowed.

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Skill Sequence

Its vital with this build that you unlock Q first as its useful at holding back champions whilst you get minion kills. E (Shunpo) should be unlocked next as when teleporting to champions it can often scare them and make them retreat, also any noobish lvl 2's that feel brave on low health can be finished off with it. After that always unlock E as its the most important until lvl 6 when you should unlock the ultimate. Again keep unlocking E (Shunpo) until it reaches (5) and then unlock W which increases attack damage and speed.

Laid out it should look like Q,E,E,W,E,R,E,E,W,W,W,R,W,Q,Q,Q,R,Q or something like it