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Vayne Build Guide by Aventryx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aventryx

Katsuro Senpai's Diamond 1 xX_n00bSlAyA420_Xx guide to Vayne

Aventryx Last updated on August 22, 2014
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Vayne Build

Starting your rekt adventure

No. 1 rekter

Defencive reking

Dont need boots if your a man.

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Hello nooblords, my name is "Katsuro Senpai" and I am here to teach you the ways of playing Teemo (not really), I was diamond 1 on 4 accounts in season 2, Challenger on 7 accounts in season 3 and im currently rank 1 at reking people in Challenger on 12 accounts, I get paid more than Trick2G for elo boosting and everyone I know is a scrub. If you are of high ranking and still want tips please neck yourself and get good scrubâ„¢

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Early game

So as the game starts you would preferably want to buy a doran's blade and a health potion, once you make it to lane stand in tri (if on blue side) if you're on purple side, rush there and invade tri sneakily with your support and jungler, if you find someone, tickle their gouch. Once minions arrive and you start farming try your best to hit around 70 cs at 10 minutes, if you cant do this please quit life. By 15 mins you should easily have 130 cs and probably a kill from using your godlike mechanics which should come naturally to you if you hone your inner Korean.

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Mid game

So laning phase is over and you are starting to roam a little bit, when roaming always remember to carefully pull off flashy plays every 1 minute or you'll be concidered a massive scrub for being bad a Vayne, if it doesnt look good in your head it wont look good when the rest of the 9 players and watching you fail, So, when a teamfight breaks out do your best to stay at the front of the fight tanking all the damage and outplaying the enemy while also trying to impress everyone in the game with your epic Gosu Vayne mechanics.

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Late game

By now your team thinks your a tryhard and the enemy team thinks your a ******, this is good, you want to misconcieve everyone into thinking you're a scrub only to then pull off the massive 1v5 clutch play that turns the game around for your team and you win with the enemies being mad. To pull off something like this press R then spam Q when up while prodding them with your crossbow bolts.