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Kennen General Guide by roflherpdrepfish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author roflherpdrepfish

kennen mid lane guide

roflherpdrepfish Last updated on March 20, 2013
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Early game

So, to start off with, you will start amplifing tome and two health potions, as this gives you a good balance of damage and sustainability from the masteries and the health pots. a good way to harras level 2 and onwards is to make sure your w passive is on your next auto atatack, then q, auto attack and w. this will stun your opponent and not allow for any counter harass. in addition, with the pick pocket mastery you will gain free gold from the auto attack.

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Mid game

By this point, you should have decided how the game is going, which sort of build you are going to use and which items you are going to change to adapt to your enemies and what your team needs. You should have either lost or won your lane (hopefully won) and now it's time to roam. you should gank bot or top (depending on who needs it more), but make sure you have your w passive ready. open with your stun, and only ult if it looks like they may get away. when it comes to teamfights, kennen's ulti synergizes incedibly well with ults like amumu's. here's a list:
Quinn skystrike
annie tibbers stun
janna's ulti also helps if your under fed/farmed and everyone collapses on you as soon as you s ulti also helps if your under fed/farmed and everyone collapses on you as soon as you ulti
if i've missed any, please notify me and i'll fix it

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Late game

Ok, first things first, do NOT try to fight an adc at this point unless they have no farm and no kills as they will massivley outdamage you. your ulti will be essential in teamfights so make sure you don't waste it or it may cost you the game. but don't underestimate your damage as you will still be able to 1 on 1 many other champions. if you have finished your build and you are using any build other than the ahead one, consider swapping out items for some of those more ideal ones, as there is no piont in sticking with an inferior build. GL&HF playing kennen


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