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Last updated on November 28, 2010

1)at the beginning of the game, u only given 475g,u can purchase dagger and (hp potion or mana potion) depends on ur team champion , if your team is already got a tanker then u buy mana potion becoz tanker can tank for u , if no tanker then u should buy hp potion . 1st level skill point i will choose to learn wuju style becoz dagger give attack speed and wuju will provide damage it stack well
2) then your 1st item farm is good to purchase berserker greaves becoz it gives ms + as this 2 is important to master YI
3) then is 4 zeal zeal also gives ms + as
4) after finish charge all speed u must buy tiamat becoz it gives damage splash it will help when u face to more than 1 champion .

SPELL- for spell i will suggest ghost and exhaust ghost is for chasing and exhaust is also for chasing . both of this spell dont use for run away from enemy becoz it is quite waste

HOPU u guyz like my master yi build guide suggestion