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Kindred build pre season patch 6.23

Last updated on November 17, 2016
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small guide on jungling and ganking

I personally always like to start on the blue side in the new jungle, I take blue first then gromp then wolfs at the time u will be taking the wolfs ur mark should appear if its on the rift scuttle on the other side you have either 2 options go for it or go steal enemy red because mostly all other players will try to take ur marks so u have to be clever then them a bit and trick them now as soon as u have the red buff try to gank as much as you can it will help u a lot, when ganking e them first then w then start kiting with ur q
NOTE: you do a lot of damage early game try to use it on ganking a lot
Hope this guide was usefull if you have any further questions you can ask me
Thank you.