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Kindred Build Guide by ilirilir1234

League of Legends Build Guide Author ilirilir1234

Kindred Jungle 6.10

ilirilir1234 Last updated on May 24, 2016
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Hi i'm a platinum jungle main on EUW. I made this guide just as an update to the older kindred guides. I think kindred is the best carry in the game (could be that I'm biased) but with an ulti that can make people invulnerable, high mobility and high damage I think kindred is the best carry in the game. I like to compare kindred with lucian. Lucian is by far the best adc in this meta and why is that. He has a early game, great mid game, high mobilty and with the new yomouus/black cleaver build he shreds tanks. All of these traits are also found in kindred's kit.

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Pros / Cons


    Tank shreder
    High mobilty
    Snowballs hard
    great objective control
    game changing ult

    needs mechanical skill if you want to hard carry

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For runes I myself don't use the correct ones mainly because I don;t want to buy runes so I just use a standard AD runepage (3 AD quint's, 9 AD reds, 9 armour yellows and 9 MR blue's).
But if i were to reccomend runes for kindred I would recommend

9 AD red's
9 armour yellow's
6 flat CDR blue's
3 scaling CDR blue's
3 attack speed quint's

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For masteries I advise you go this masery page.
But if you want more tankyness you can go this one.