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League of Legends Build Guide Author Melokrine

Kindred - The meaning of The Eternal Hunters - Early to late

Melokrine Last updated on October 17, 2015
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Kindred - The Eternal Hunters

Kindred is an extremely fun and enjoyable champion to play. They are very powerful early game, but the general issue that players have is that it is almost impossible to do anything towards the end game because of how low her defences and health is.
This build is for people wanting to provide assistance to their team and have assurance that they are able to go in and are not afraid to die.

  • Great Mobility
  • Deadly Early game banks
  • Stupid fast jungle clear
  • One of few jungles that can solo drake at 6.
  • Free Heals.

  • If built incorrectly, can be extremely weak
  • If you do not dominate early, you will die. A lot.
  • Can easily be shut down by a clever enemy jungler clearing your hunts.


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