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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nerxual

Kog'Maw - Firing Main Cannon

Nerxual Last updated on June 26, 2010


Oh. Hi. Didn't see you there. This build focuses on Kog'Maws long range Ultimate as his main weapon. I understand that alot of people feel his cool-downs are too long to be built as a pure caster, coupled with high mana cost. I think with the right build, this won't be an issue. What with his ability to pound the enemy into dust from vast ranges. This Kog'Maw plays very much like a Glass Cannon, which is why I use Ghost and Cleanse. Flash is viable, but I perfer Cleanse for DoTs/Slows/Stuns.

Originally this was a build I was throwing together during a 5v5, but after having a massive success of 15-3-6, I felt I should write this down and share it with the community.

There are a few aspects to this build that are quite rough, mostly item order. During my 5v5 that I used this, I did not get Mejas, I went straight for the Void Staff, and only made it to Nashors.

Anyway have a look, try it out, and give me some feed-back or ideas.

(For whatever reason, I cannot pick my Masteries. For the moment refer to Phreaks Spotlight for those).