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Lane domination

Last updated on April 26, 2012
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This is not a guide. This was not meant to be put out there for someone to look at in order to learn how to play hecarim. If you want to learn the character then buy him and play him. I intended to put this up to get feedback on the build i currently use. any and all feed back is much appreciated.

I was toying around with his build a little while and i tried this out in several ai matches. After being successful there i figured i would try it out in pvp. maybe its bc of poor matchmaking maybe not bu i have not lost a game with this build and every match i have played the other team has surrendered. I have tried this out in lane, this is NOT a good build for jungling, with a partner and solo and both have turned out awesome.

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I havnt really played around with runes that much but what i went with is fairly simple. I take flat crit reds for a little bit extra crit chance. I grab flat armor yellows and mag resist blues for lane survivability. and i grab speed quints due to the dmg buff from his passive.

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I did not include a full item build for many reasons. Most of all is that it all depends on the other team. the next item i get after Trifor is a tanky item so if they are heavy ap ill get maw of malmordious, and if they are heavy ad ill get thornmail. If their team is evenly split ill look at which champ is doing the best and build defence against them. After that i get a phantom dancer. Then inf edge. last item in build is also very dependent but i like to go with a sunfire cape.