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Lee Sin Build Guide by ScholesyBazinga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScholesyBazinga

Lee Sin Jungle - Season 4 - Don't Stop Ganking

ScholesyBazinga Last updated on March 1, 2014
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Hi guys, and welcome to my guide to Lee Sin Jungle. Lee Sin has been of the strongest junglers' for a while now, and he continues to be one in season 4.
Season 4, in my opinion hasn't been great to Lee. By making it necessary to take a smaller camp between your 2 buffs to reach level 3, I believe it has harmed his huge early banking ability and even his counter juggling.
Saying that, Lee is still arguably one of the best counter jungles, due to his mobility and early damage, and still continuous to pose a threat in the mid game.
I hope you enjoy my guide guys. This is my first guide so any advice would be great. Thanks!

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Pro's and Con's


Incredibly Mobile

Very strong early game

Great at counter-jungling

Great in team fights due to Dragon's Rage

Uses energy, not mana


Late Game isn't that strong

Combo's can be quite complicated

Ganks can rely heavily on landing Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Incorrect usage of Dragon's Rage will really annoy your team-mates.

Makes ever other champion seem boring

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Summoner Spells

A must take spell for any jungler. It is so important that you are able toe secure Baron and even Dragon now with the changes. FYI now dragon gives more gold the later you are in the game. So late-game, dragon is still definitely worth getting.
Smite also allows for faster clearing times, and is especially important when counter-jungling.

Some people don't take Flash on Lee, but I think it is a must have. It allows you to secure a kill, escape a sticky situation, and make plays possible. Ignite is a possible choice, which is good when attempting to counter jungle and/or secure kills when banking. But I still stick by that Flash is a necessity.

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Offensive Items

The toss up between this and the Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a close one. Saying that, I normally go for this when playing Lee Sin. I really like the true-damage burn that this item provides and its easy to build into once the spirit stone has been purchased.
You would normally sell this item late game for a different offensive/defensive item; depending on the situation.

This is a must buy on Lee Sin. Firstly, the wave clear on it is great for pushing waves and clearing camps with ease. Secondly, the active prods Lee Sin's passive, which is crucial when you play Lee Sin. I will explain later why. Overall, a must buy for Lee.

It's relatively cheap, and it's definitely worthwhile getting it. You'll need to be able to take those tanks out at some point, and with obvious reasons, the Last Whisper is the item needed to do that.
Being honest, I don't normally build the The Black Cleaver on Lee, unless it's top lane Lee. I find the instant 35% armour pen that the Last Whisper gives you is better than the 25% that needs to be built up on the The Black Cleaver. Maybe I'm wrong, but the Last Whisper is definitely my preference.

Late Game, when you need to swap the Spirit of the Elder Lizard with a better item, your main two offensive options would be a Trinity Force or The Bloodthirster

Trinity Force works well due to the spellblade passive being proc'ed with every ability, and due to the fact Lee has 7 abilities that he can proc it with. It also provides nice all round stats that work well with Lee, such as Movement Speed and attack speed. It especially works well with tanking down those turrets.

The Bloodthirster is pure and simply for more damage. It provides a huge damage increase when fully stacked. It provides no defensive stats, but it is over 500 gold cheaper. I normally go The Bloodthirster, but that may be just habit. I'll try the Trinity Force out more and post my results.

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Defensive Items

This item is good, but I would only build it when their team has large amounts of CC, or I need to be tank. The 35% tenacity is fantastic, but I almost always go Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

Great defensive Item. The stats it gives you are great. It is a pretty standard defensive item. The active is okay. It is a decent slow for at least 2 seconds. However, when you build full tank, the slow' duration increases and so can be a lot better when a full tank has it.

This item has been the victim of a number of nerfs recently, but still remains a good item to pick up if your in need of MR. Gives good health and MR, and also the health regen it gives works well with both the passive of the Spirit Visage and the health regen from the Ravenous Hydra.

Gives a huge amount of health. Would recommend building armour or magic resist first, depending on who is doing the damage. However, the current masteries allow for more Penatration. And alongside armour/magic pen runes, that will really hurt. So Warmogs can be very useful in that respect.

Another good item. The passive can be useful, but I think their are better defensive items than this. Not an item I would normally get, but it can help with locking down a target and preventing them escaping. But I would go for the other defensive items over this.

Great Item. The stats are okay, but we really get it for the passive. If you are getting quite fed and tend to be focussed in fights, then this is your answer. Gives your team-mates time to take out the rest of the team, or at least force the opponents back.

A good item to pick up. I would normally expect my supper to pick this up if I went Lee Sin Jungle, and was going for an offensive build like this. The active can be very good, so if you do pick this up, make sure to use it at the right time.

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Do not underestimate the usage of this passive. It is absolutely crucial to playing Lee. Every time you do an ability, your attack speed increases for the next 2 auto attacks, and each one will give you some energy back.

When jungling, you want to use an ability, attack the monster twice, then use another ability. Simply repeat this with every ability for the fastest clearing times.

When fighting, utilise this passive to the best of your ability. Also note, that the Ravenous Hydra 's active procs the passive, so use that then 2 auto attacks also.

Lee sin's Q. It shoots out an orb, and if it hits a target, clicking Q again will alloy you to dive to that target. Provided they aren't out of range. I max this ability, due to it giving out the most damage. However, this means that you are really going to have to hit your Q's. Practice and you'll get used to the speed of the skillshot.

The second part to the ability does more damage depending on how much health the opponent is missing. The more health they are missing, the more damage this does. This provides a number of uses;

Securing buffs: Use this in conjunction with your Smite for the most damage.

Killing: Normally, your Q is your engage. But normally, it is best used when the opponent has lower health. So if possible, save it for when their health is lower for increased damage.

Lee Sin's W. This is what makes ward jumping possible. It allows you to jump to allies, allied minions and wards. It will also give you and the ally you jumped to a shield for a short duration of time. Re-activating this ability gives you some life steal and spell vamp for a small period of time. This is particularly useful in the jungle. We max this ability last, for it really only used for the utility it provides. However, when an opponent is about to take critical damage, jumping to them can be the difference between them dying and living.

Normally, when I bank, I will try to W to a minion behind the opponent. This gives me the opportunity to (post 6) kick my opponent back towards my tower with Dragon's Rage. It also makes it easier to land my Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike on my opponent.

Lee Sin's E. The first part provides a good amount of damage to nearby enemies. The second part slows both the movement speed and attack speed of nearby enemies. Once you are nearby an enemy, your priority, excluding using the ult, is getting the slow off. Sometimes its better to sacrifice the usage of the passive to get the slow onto the enemy. But that is a judgement call based on the situation.

NOTE* Both Tempest / Cripple and Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike reveal enemies. So for example, if Akali uses her Twilight Shroud, simply E in the circle. Or if you can predict where Twitch is going, you can ruin his Ambush.

Lee Sin's Ultimate. This ability can be game changing. If used correctly, you can kick your target back into your enemies team and kill him. Or even kick the opposition team's initiator away so you can fight safely. Used incorrectly, and you might just lose the fight. i.e. If you kick a tank back towards your own ADC, or kick their ADC away from your teams engage.

Other than the uses mentioned, there is one key use that is quite uncommon. If you hit the target at the front of the enemies team, back into their own team, you can potentially knock-up a good number of the enemies team. That second can allow you to take out that fed ADC, or now with the introduction of Yasuo, you might just make a new 'friend'.

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Ward Jumping + Combo's

Ward Jumping is a huge part of Lee Sin's gameplay. It can be your escape or your engage. When I play Lee, I have my wards on 4. This is simply my preference and what feels most comfortable. I would advise that you practice and see what feels easiest for you. Once you get used to it, you'll be able to dodge skillshots, catch people, and be performing Insec Kicks before you know it.

For the simple fact that ward jumping is a big part of Lee's Gameplay, you can sacrifice an item for a Ruby Sightstone. However, with the introduction of having a trinket, you may feel one is enough. That is entirely up to yourself. But bare in mind, that there is no worse feeling than going to ward jump to safety, only to realise you have no wards in your inventory.


Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike > Flash > Dragon's Rage

This is probably the easiest way of getting rid of that fed ADC. You land the Q on them, reactivate it to fly towards them. Then flash behind them, and kick them back into your team. Obviously this only works when your flash is up, so when it is on cooldown, you may need to try this:

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike > Place a ward > Safeguard / Iron Will to the ward > Dragon's Rage

This can be very tricky to do, considering you are hitting so many keys in a short space of time. That is why it is so important that you find a key that makes ward jumping easy for you. I cannot stress how much of a difference this makes when playing Lee. But after doing one of these and acing the enemy team, you have the right to be a little smug :D

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Normally, I assess before the game starts whether I plan to counter jungle or not. You can usually judge this based on the opposition jungler.

If I am counter-jungling, then I'll the same buff that their jungler will take, and ill take a small camp also. Most junglers don't have as quick a wave clear as Lee, so i can normally head over to their buff straight after.

If I am not counter-jungling, then normally start with bot lane, just so I can get a solid leash.

With Lee, you want to be banking as much as possible. This isn't to say that you don't want to farm, of course you do. But because of Lee's mobility, he should be ganking very often.

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Thank you for reading my guide to Lee Sin Jungle. I hope you enjoyed it. It was the first guide I have made and so any feedback would be great. Cheers guys!