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Lee Sin Build Guide by stubbledsubset

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stubbledsubset

Lee Sin MId- Its time to buff akali.

stubbledsubset Last updated on May 30, 2013
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How To Nuke

Lee sin is an early game hypercarry like miss fortune or Draven so the key to playing him is to never underestimate your damage, you should Q, Q, E and W to a minion, and that is how you should poke pre 6, post 6 you will w to a minion Q, E, R off of tower,Q .the reason you do not q twice first is because you do missing hp so after you kick them off of tower you q again and they should be relatively dead, and farming with lee sin it is good to turn your pendants into an early Hydra.

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Team Fights

Lee Sin is very mobile in a team fight , to initiate you will want to catch the carry Out of position with your q , then you will place a ward behind them, jump to it, r them back into your team, Jackie lee is also good in a teamfight by being able to q past the tank to hit a carry, so your mane role should be catching that mf and knocking her into dravens ulti.

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Who not to play lee against?

Lee sin counters most ad mids and give or take Overpowered mids, like Lux, Akali,and syndra, a few champions you do not want to v 1 would be, Diana, Kennen, Pantheon and Elise, because these champions counter His mobility rather well.

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Ranked Play

Lee Sin Is not considered a viable mid to most people because most mids tend to be usefull all game and people think Lee is bad past mid game. Truthfully lee sins passive is extremely usefull early game, but its not even there late game, so you should play lee sin like the ad caster he is not an adc , you should be autoattacking 2% Of the time late game and you should get him even less.