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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leer

Leer's Kog'Maw Build

Leer Last updated on August 23, 2010

This is actually just a test and I want to show it to my friend, so the rest of this description will be random. :-) adsasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadadadasdasdaadadsasdasdasdasdasdasdads adsasdasdasdasdasda sdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasas daaddadasdasdasdadadadasdasdaadadsa sdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasdas dasdasdasdasdasd asdasdadsadsasdasasdaad dadasdasdasdadadad asdasdaadadsasdasdasdasda sdasdadsadsasd asdasdasdasd asdasdasdasdasdads adsasdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadadada sdasdaadadsasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdas asdaaddadasdasdasdadadadasdasdaadadsasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasda sdasdasdasdasdasdas dasdasdadsadsa sdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadad asdasdasdasdas dadsadsasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadadadasdasdaadadsasdasdasdasdasdasdads ads asdasdas dasdasdasdasda sdasdasdadsadsasdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadadadas dasdaadadsasdasdasdasdasdasdadsadsasdasdasdasdasdasdas sdasdasdadsadsasdasasdaaddadasdasdasdadadadasdasdaadadsasdasda sdasdasdasdadsadsasdasdasdasd