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Lux build - You'll be harassing with your ulti!

Last updated on October 17, 2012
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So I've been playing league of legends for some time now, and I think that is about time for me to share what I've learned with the community, I hope you like my ideas and way of thinking since this is my first guide I'm still not sure of how to do thid but here we go!

One of my favourite roles in the game is ap mid, and I've tried a lot of champions and Lux is by far one of the most OP champs on mid, OP dont forget that.

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Pros and Cons

- great laning phase
- easy to farm thanks to her passive
- you can detect enemys trying to gank with your e
- and you can also escape by trapping your enemys with your q and slowing them with e
- your ulti... just op


    - very mana hungry early game
    - anoying vs a tanky team
    - very squishy
    - easy targetble on teamfights
    - your ulti has a moderate chance of failing since it is a skill shot