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Corki Build Guide by ikes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ikes

Magic Pen Hybrid Corki

ikes Last updated on July 31, 2016

This build abuses that most of Corki's damage is now magic based. Trinity still feels like a good item for your downtime between abilities and the cooldown is hard to get into your build elsewhere. The burn on Liandry's and flat penetration makes it so you hit squishies like a train in the mid to late game. With a Big One hit on the enemy ADC or Mid you can consistently chunk them for a half to two thirds of their health late game. With Gunblade you actually have decent assassination pressure with the package, and adds sustain off your abilities unlike other life steal items which only gives health off of autos, that are doing heavily reduced damage because you are sacrificing AD for Magic Pen. Death's Dance helps with the Gunblade to help with assassinations. Void Staff is usually needed late game to kill tanks and when the enemy team builds magic resist. It can be swapped out for Rageblade, which is about equally good at killing tanks, and adds tower killing pressure and a bit more sustained dps, but sacrifices big late game poke on enemy squishies.