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Malphite, King of Armor

Last updated on September 12, 2010
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LVL 1-6
You start by buying a doran shield and a potion to keep you alive. You goal in the start of the game is to get the more minions possible! Try to get your boots before lvl 7.

LVL 7-13
Now you need to buy a guardian angel to keep you even more alive. Now that you have your ultimate, you can easily tower dive and take chances. You want to be able to have atleast 1 sunfire cap before lvl 13.

LVL 14-18
Now you are starting to look as a tank and your owning evreybody! Only buy sunfire cap, because it gives armor, healt and magic damage! If you are doing the build right and you not to agressif, you shoud be the one that died the less often in your team.

PS: If you start and your not able to get minions, change build.