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Master Yi - Carry Build For Low/High Elo's

Last updated on January 14, 2015
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how to use that build on master yi?

in level 1 start gromp then go to the blue buff and volves. you should have about 350 gold,recall buy the first jungle item to get 20+ gold bonus per large monster and farm jungle till 1500 gold . so you will be able to buy the attack speed item (in this patch its like feral) and than you should go solo early drake(dragon) at level 6(active ult and use Q to dodge his basics). after the drake you should go gank and then keep farming till wit's end(after wit's end your damage will be unbeliveably high. then just keep going with the build :)
when your full build you should go solo baron .

when you choose the last life steal item i recommend on bloodthrister.
good luck :D