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master yi life steal build

Last updated on February 10, 2010

the idea behind this build is pretty simple, lvl 1-6 you play it safe harassing with alpha strike and if you see someone half health you can take them out with a alpha strike/ignite combo most likely. once you hit level six you should have close to 1400 gold if you bought the 12% lifesteal off the bat. if you can hold out longer do it till you get to about 1850 gold you can go back and pick up the greaves and two more 12% lifesteals, pick up the red buff from the lizard on your way back and your ready to rock some ppl. problems with this build are stuns so try and avoid large groups of champions, you'll start healing so fast it wont matter that your squishy,also the other thing to watch for is gangplank, he's heal debuff is nasty and makes this build almost void.
the beauty about yi is his wuju style and the bonus dmg it gives you early game eliminates that need to waste gold on it till later in the game when your set. other minor things to look out for are abilities and spells that make your attacks miss. key is just being patient and careful until level six, making sure you dont chase or get dragged to far away from your tower.