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Mater Yi

Last updated on July 12, 2010

A Build that focus in fast gold earning as Master Yi, the requeriments is a good playing group, because u waste a time jungling....

1) Buy a Long Sword and go kill minions with Alpha Strike.
2) After buy Madred's Razors and Vampiric Scepter, go jungle,stop jungling after buy the Phage/Zeal.
3) Sell your Madred's Razor to buy the Infinite Edge (here stats your ownage)
4) If you have no time/money to buy the Infinite Edge or The Bloodthirster, a cheap alternatie is Youmuu's Ghostblade, it's Buff + Highlander is a awesome combo for kill tanker champions...
5) Remeber, you have a poor life, a stun can kill u easy...
6) For start i recommend go with a ranged partner...

It's it..