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MF, The rapist

Last updated on December 21, 2010
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First off...

You have to take mid, it' a must...

The regrowth pendantwill make sure you cn sty in your lane long enough to only come back when you have enough money to buy (2015$) your Philosopher's stone, your boots of speedand your Phage. Push the minions untill enemie turrets and go back shopping, with your passive and your boots of speed you should be bck before the enemie has time to get 1 hit on your turret. (you should be around lvl 6 by now)

The only reason you should get your make it rain skill first is that by pushing the first wave of minions with it you should lvl up to 2 and get your double up after the first wave of minions or almost.

You should now be ble to gank, your passive is excellent for that... Push the minions to enemie turret again and go top or bot to help and come back before enemie minions get to you turret.

When you have enough money (1935$) go back nd get your frozen mallet, thats when your impure shotscome in handy, use your make it rainto slow target, activate impure shot and blst the ****er away and end this sequence with a double upor your ultior both.