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Mid :: Season 7 :: Death is the best CC

CC Diana Last updated on February 19, 2017
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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Your Q does more damage than her Q. She shunpos on you - you shield. You out-trade her in almost every way. Your E also stops her ult so it's important to not use it carelessly. Unlike most matchups where you'd use your E to prevent the enemy from running away, you want to save it for when Katarina uses her ult since it will stop her channel. Using your E to keep Katarina from running away is relatively useless since she can shunpo to safety.

1. Preface
2. Pros & Cons
3. Abilities
4. Summoner Spells
5. Masteries
6. Runes
7. Items
8. Tips & Tricks

Diana is an AP caster, mage, and assassin. She also auto attacks often like a fighter which makes for a pretty interesting combination. Luckily it also means shes quite fun to play! Diana is for those who like high-risk, high-reward play styles and enjoy being in the middle of a fight... even if it means dying (lol).

+ High burst damage
+ High mobility post 6
+ AOE vacuum and slow
+ Fairly low cooldowns
+ Low skill floor
+ High skill ceiling
+ Ult reset
- No escape
- No mobility pre 6
- Relatively squishy
- Binary kit
- Lowest base AD of all pure melee champions
- High mana costs in relation to her total mana pool

Moonsilver Blade: Gain 20% attack speed and cleave enemies on your third strike. This is your passive and it's one of your strongest assets so be sure to use it to its fullest potential. Moonsilver blade scales with 80% of your ability power so it's important to stack AP where you can. Playing Diana as a bruiser is viable and all, but you miss out on a lot of damage from your passive if you focus on building attack speed and no AP s healthy combination of the two is recommended.

Crescent Strike: An arced nuke that applies moonlight to enemies struck. Your bread-and-butter skill. Crescent strike is a uniquely shaped skill shot that damages and applies to moonlight debuff to enemies hit. When enemies are hit by moonlight, they are revealed from stealth and fog of war which makes tracking them all that much easier. Moonlight also allows you to get resets on your gap closer, Lunar Rush. Be aware that ulting to a target struck by moonlight will remove the debuff from all other enemies. The visual effects of the moonlight will not disappear, but if you ult to another enemy with the moonlight visual effect on them, you will NOT receive an additional reset.

Pale Cascade: Shield yourself with three orbiting spheres that explode on contact. Your 'W' is a shield that deals AOE damage and refreshes if all the orbs explode. This ability alone can proc Thunderlord's Decree which makes it incredibly strong during the laning phase. Additionally, the orbs do not need to directly hit your opponent for them to take damage. Each orb explodes in a small radius that can hit enemy champions just outside of direct contact.

Moonfall: Pull all enemies within a given radius towards you, knocking them up and slowing them for a short period. The new Courage of the Colossus mastery made this ability so much stronger than it previously was. Naturally, Diana lacks an escape and pulling your enemies towards you seems like a very poor way of running away, but the shield CoC gives you greatly increases your survivability.

Outside of the knockup and slow that make it easy to catch fleeing enemies, the power of Moonfall lies in its ability to disrupt all channeled skills such as Katarina's Death Lotus as well as interrupt dashes and various gap-closers. If properly timed, your E can be used to completely negate the damage from abilities such as the third hit of Riven's Broken Wings, Fizz's Urchin Strike, Talon's Noxian Diplomacy, and Zac's Elastic Slingshot. Learning the timing for when to use Moonfall as a disruption spell can be tricky due to it's lengthy cast animation and obscure particle effects*, but mastering your E is what separates the good Diana players from the bad.

* The particles appear before the ability actually triggers which can make your E look faster than it actually is.

Lunar Rush: Your only means of mobility which can be reset on moonlight consumption. This ability is your only source of mobility and you need to be careful with how you use it - either to kill the enemy laner or jump to safety from ganks. Thankfully, the ability is on a relatively short cooldown so feel free to use it without too many reservations.

Barrier: Barrier is a good option to take if your opponent is running Ignite or is a high burst champion like Syndra.

Exhaust: Take exhaust when going against champions like Fiora to ease their damage output. It can also help you snowball which is something Diana desperately needs to do in order to stay relevant in the mid-late game. In case the enemy spirals out of control, exhaust may mean the difference between getting back in the game and losing.

Teleport: This is a popular option to take and it greatly increases your roaming capabilities. Take teleport against champions that have a lot of map pressure such as Twisted Fate and Taliyah. If you plan on split-pushing, teleport is a must.

Flash: Diana lacks an escape so this is an absolute must. It's also key for pulling off some of Diana's more advanced combos.

Sorcery : You primarily deal damage with your abilities so it's important to maximize your damage output with them. The boost from Sorcery is small, but it's a better option than Fury which is only recommended while jungling.

Feast: Feast is good on Diana as it can provide you with a little bit of health as you CS which is important since you do not have any innate lifesteal.

Vampirism : This mastery is pretty weak, but I put two points into it because some life steal is better than none.

Natural Talent : Like Vampirism , this mastery isn't very strong. I put three points into it to get an extra bit of AP.

Double Edged Sword : Taking an extra 2.5% damage is never favorable - especially when you're a weak early laner like Diana. However, the extra 5% bonus damage from Double Edged Sword will help you poke and burst your opponent down.

Savagery: Diana doesn't have the easiest time farming against some champions and she needs all the help she can get. The boost from this mastery isn't much, but it's better than nothing.

Secret Stash : The Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation is good for your lane sustain. Diana's mana costs are quite high for the mana pool she's given so the regeneration from the biscuits gives you more opportunities to poke down your enemy and/or grab CS.

Merciless : I really wish I could take 5 points in this and 5 points in Meditation . Both are pretty good masteries for Diana, but Merciless allows your kill potential to be more consistent since you'll normally ult your enemy when they're close to or below 40% health anyway. Meditation is mainly just good for the early laning phase and gives Diana more opportunities to harass whereas Merciless is good all the time.

Dangerous Game : Due to Diana's "get in and stay in" play style, it's good to get as much survivability as you can while committing yourself to a fight.

Precision : While the extra CDR from Intelligence is nice, it's not that necessary on Diana because her cooldowns are already faily low and an extra 5% isn't going to make much of an impact. Precision gives you just a little more of that "umph" to your damage.

Thunderlord's Decree : Thunderlord's Decree fits Diana very well because her kit basically allows her to proc it off of one ability. Each orb on her shield acts as a separate spell which can be used to activate Thunderlord's Decree instantaneously. If you're starting the laning phase with your shield and are fighting Zed (example), a level 1 trade is capable of taking away 1/3 of his HP which can help you get more creeps early on. Aside from the shield, Diana's basic combo also procs Thunderlord's Decree. Remember, Diana executes an auto-attack right after she ults so the standard Q -> R will automatically call the lightning bolt down on your enemy.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Diana's AP ratios are quite high so she needs all the AP she can get. Diana's abilities are the bread and butter of her design and once you have dedicated yourself to killing an enemy there's no way out other than finishing them off as quick as you can.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration: Flat AP is nice, but since you may not be building much magic penetration we're going to need some in runes. The additional MPen from runes can help you achieve ~30 Mpen which may be enough to deal true damage on every ability (depends on the enemy).

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Flat magic penetration is good for maximizing your damage. Even though Diana's AP ratios are quite good and you'll be wanting to stack AP, building MPen allows you to deal tons of damage to champions. Once you get Sorcerer's Shoes you'll be doing true damage to the enemy laner assuming he doesn't have any MR outside of his base 30-32.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health: Gives you extra survivability throughout the length of the game. If you are taking lots of minion aggro or are going against an AD heavy team you can opt for armor seals instead.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: Scaling ability power glyphs outclass flat ability power glyphs at level 9. Taking these glyphs is really aggressive and only recommended if you are experienced with playing Diana or are going up against an AD opponent. Otherwise, you'll want to take flat(6) and scaling MR(3) glyphs instead.

Hextech GLP-800: Hextech GLP-800 is an overall fantastic item. It offers stats that rival a half stacked RoA and it has an active that can help you escape pursuers or chase down fleeing enemies. It also has a nice build path in which you can choose the revolver for damage or catalyst for lane sustain. I favor this over RoA because it gives me greater early game damage without having to wait for the item to ramp up while also providing similar tank stats.

Luden's Echo: Luden's Echo is a nice item as it provides you with insane burst and additional movespeed which is useful for chasing down enemies. It goes without saying that the item is also great for waveclear. I normally don't rush Luden's Echo because it's very expensive. I find that I can use the early game gold to buy a cheaper item and start snowballing during which I can later purchase the item.

Morellonomicon: Morellonomicon is typically passed in favor of something like Luden's Echo for a rush item, but it provides you with 100 AP, 20% CDR, and 400 mana which is massive. This item gives you so much for what it costs especially compared to items of similar price. Chances are, you're going to be up against someone on the enemy team who has some sort of heal such as Swain which makes morellonomicon all the more important. The grievous wounds will help and could even net you the kill against a constant health-regenerating enemy.

Nashor's Tooth: This item is mainly for the mid-game when you're taking down towers. If the game extends into the 40+ minute mark I sometimes replace this item with something like Zhonya's Hourglass or Void Staff. Reason is that if the game has dragged on for 40+ minutes I know I deal enough damage on my passive to take down objectives extremely quickly and likely do not need the extra help from Nashor's.

Void Staff: Void Staff is great for enemies that build a lot of magic resist. Even if no enemies are building MR, Void Staff is still a decent purchase because the 35% additional magic penetration is enough for you to be doing true damage assuming you are running magic penetration runes and Sorcerer's Shoes.

Rabadon's Deathcap: It's deathcap. It's good on every AP mage. Get it. But don't rush it since there are other stats Diana wants more. AP is nice, but getting CDR, attack speed, and utility should not be ignored. Get Void Staff first if the enemy is stacking magic resist.

Sorcerer's Shoes: These are the standard shoes on assassin Diana. The more magic penetration you have the more chances you have to one-shot your enemies.

Rod of Ages: RoA is a nice item because it's incredibly gold efficient and offers you some nice tank stats that can help you survive when you engage. Additionally, if you play Diana as a split pusher this item or Hextech GLP-800 is highly recommended so you can sustain in 1v1s. The main downside to RoA is that it takes 10 minutes to stack so try getting it by the 13 minute mark. If you feel that you are getting bullied out of lane and won't finish it quickly it may be better to go for an item like Morellonomicon which is another extremely gold efficient item and provides some raw stats that can help you early.

Zhonya's Hourglass: I hate this item. I hate buying it. I hate using it. But I still get it. Zhonya's Hourglass is considered a core item on Diana because of her "rush in and kill something or die trying" play style. Since Diana lacks an escape, you need as many tools to survive as possible and Exhaust + your shield may not be enough. Before coughing up 2,900 gold for this item, first analyze the teams and the current situation and decide whether you really need it. In actuality I'd really only get this item against Zed to make him even more useless since paying 2,900 just for an active effect is a lot of gold potentially wasted.

Lich Bane: The classic. Lich Bane skyrockets your burst potential because Diana executes an auto-attack as soon as she finishes her dash from Lunar Rush. Lichbane with your standard combo can trigger Thunderlord's Decree which is often enough damage to burst squishy targets.

Abyssal Scepter: This is a good item to pick up if you are struggling against an AP matchup or if the enemy team consists of mainly AP champions. With the rework to the item, you deal 10% more magic damage to enemies in your vicinity which is great if the enemy team is building MR.

Berserker's Greaves: One of Diana's greatest strengths is in her passive. The more attack speed you have the better and Berserker's Greaves help out immensely early on since you'll be putting more pressure on map objectives like getting first tower gold.

E -> Flash
E -> Flash is a really effective way of helping your jungler gank your lane or help you assist other lanes pre-6. The cast time for your E is quite long and many enemies will take advantage of that to escape if you flash before using the ability. It is much more difficult for an enemy to avoid an E -> Flash.

Q -> Flash
Same principle as E -> Flash. Q -> Flash gives your opponent a much smaller window to react as opposed to Flash -> Q and is very difficult to dodge. However, Q -> Flash is a very aggressive move and can leave you open for ganks. Use it only if you know you can kill the enemy.

Fast Q -> R
Diana can cast her Q and immediately ult to an enemy and get the reset even if her Q is still flying through the air. This is a really good way of getting some damage on your enemy. If you wait until the Q hits the enemy laner before using your ult, you give them an opportunity to get out of range of your ult which can cause you to lose out on a kill. Mechanically, this technique is very easy to pull off, but you have to know the damage and range of your Q which is why I labeled it as an intermediate combo. Note that if your Q kills an enemy while you are ulting to it, you will NOT receive the reset. Diana's ult must consume moonlight for her to get the reset.

Q -> Flash -> R
This combo is really useful for surprising your enemy as you can ult them from the other side of the entire lane. Due to the amount of resources you need to consume to pull this combo off in addition to the fact that it rockets you to the other side of the lane with no escape, I would not recommend doing it unless you know for certain that you can kill the enemy laner and get out safe.

R -> Q -> R
If it's not too bold to say, Diana's R -> Q combo is one of, if not the hardest combo to pull off in the entire game. To pull it off you need to ult your opponent from max range and Q the instant you start dashing. If you are .2 of a second off you will not get the reset. No joke. This combo takes A LOT of practice to master, but if you can do it on a semi-consistent basis (70% of the time), it will make you a much bigger threat. Since your ult is a targeted ability, it will follow enemies through flashes, dashes, and pulls like Dark Passage and your Q will still land granting you a reset so you can continue pursuing your target.

R -> Q -> Flash -> R
Despite the extra complicated button input, this combo is much easier to pull off than R -> Q -> R. Flash is what makes this combo easy to pull off because it acts as a buffer for your ult causing your Q to land first. Be aware that you must flash at the end of your ult. If you flash after your ult connects with the target the combo will treated as R -> Q -> R. The downside to this combo is that because you flash, you do NOT get the damage from your first ult despite getting the reset. As a result, this combo is really only good for escaping or chasing a weak distant enemy.

Fog of War Dash
As you know, Diana's Q grants vision of anything it hits unless it's camouflaged like Teemo. Use moonlight and your ult to quickly move around the map.

Drake Dash
I find that the best place to dash into the drake pit is in the little recess that sits between the blast and vision plants.

Baron Dash
Dashing to Baron is much easier than dashing into the Drake pit because of just how large Baron's model is. The easiest place to do it is directly to the left of the blast cone.

E -> W
Both Diana's W and E have noticeable cast times as she jumps into the air before the abilities trigger. You can cancel the animation of her W by pressing it immediately after casting E. This causes Diana to only jump once, yet get both abilities off.

E -> R
You can partly cancel the animation of Diana's E by using your ult immediately after. This allows you to displace one target and attack another or quickly displace and attack the same target.