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Quinn Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

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thatsnotmypirate Last updated on December 2, 2014
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Quinn and Valor is a different kind of ADC, her ult forces her to get in close, which isn't what an adc is about. Because of this she has to build different and learning when to use her ult will be key to being a good quinn player. She has great chasing ability to grab kills, escapability, and most importantly a small aoe blind to win trades. Unlike teemo, who doesn't really fit the adc role best, she is able to do so effectively. I will teach you the basics of how this champ works and should be built..But I stress finding your own path in the end. Remember, every game will be different and will call for different builds.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Harassment early game
+ Amazing at chasing down foes
+ Forgivable learning curve
+ Very fast end game movement speed.
+ Passive makes last hitting easier
+ Vault can jump over walls to minons or over walls when cornered
+ Great for getting into and out of fights
+ Heightened Senses Keeps you safe in lane and cause be used to dash over walls with Vault to jungle minions.


- Tag Team can be hard to learn when it should be used
- Can only dash to enemy targets
- Blind can be blocked by others and minons
- Very Low base attack speed
- Long cooldown on ult
- Vault can hurt you if your not positioned right

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My Games

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Fan Games

Send me your games using my build and I will post your stats here!

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great spell for getting into range for a kill, or getting away. Still one of the most powerful spells in the game.

Heal The season 4 change to heal is awesome. It's much better then barrier now. Gives a nice speed boost and a good bit of health. Also removes healing reduction. It was changed so stacking heals doesn't help as much, so if your support has heal, you may want something else.

Cleanse is a powerful summoner spell. It give get of all cc and effects and even summoner spells (not suppression skills). It can really help you get away, even more so if you pop Tag Team after. Also the next 2 seconds after, all cc is reduced by 65%.

Ignite Great spell for any carry. Quin is very good at chasing down someone for the kill. But this is mainly for early game kills when you can't tower dive.

- Barrier This is also a good spell if you don't like heal. It blocks more damage and ignite doesn't reduce it like with heal. But only last 2 seconds.

Exhaust Another great spell. This can help you solo someone because it lowers their damage. Also help you keep hitting someone trying to get away. Also good for if they flash after, they will still be slowed enough for you to get in range. But this spell maybe grabbed by your support so make sure you talk to your team! Effects don't stack.

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Runes and Rune Options


Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
Greater Mark of Attack Damage - The Flat AD runes are amazing for your passive. It gives you a super strong early game if you are able to hit your passive well. Vs an adc like vayne, she will have no hope of trading with you.

Greater Seal of Armor - Helps you stay in lane longer, and early game the point is to farm and stay in the lane the longest! Chances are the most damage you will get will be from their AD carry. So extra armor is always useful!(These runes are also cheap and used with most junglers, so you have more use to invest in these.)

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - You don't normally need mr early game if your an adc. But late game this will really help! (These runes are popular and can be used with a lot of other champions so they are worth the investment.)

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - This will help early game, they complement your armor pen runes. Also the early extra AD scales with your passive making you hit harder.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal - This 4% helps make up for the nerf on doran Blade. But it stacks well with doran early game.

Optional Runes
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - I think this runes are great for any carry. Also with Phantom Dancer + Statikk Shiv You will normally be the fastest person on your team.

Greater Quintessence of Health - These runes are loved and used by many players. Great early game HP will help you be safe and look pretty tanky. Fall off late game but if your having problems with your early game they can help. Also can be used with many other champions.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - If you want some more cooldown for Vault then this is a great pick. If you feel you don't need the mr then go for these.

Great Seal of Scaling Health - If for whatever reason you don't feel you need the armor then these runes are great. You don't build to much hp but this is pretty much a free health item worth of HP.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - If you don't like the armor pen runes or you are having problems with last hits. Then these runes will be a good replacer.

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Skills Priority

Blinding Assault - Your bread and Butter. This will help you out so much, you can outclass most adc because of this skill. Great CC. Max first

Heightened Senses - This passively gives you attack speed when you hit a target marked, when used shows the area around you. Also when playing valor, incresses your attack speed. You should still always buy wards but this will keep you safe. Also you can use this by jungle minion camps to jump over walls to them with your Vault Max last

Vault - A great spell. You can dash to a fow and slow them down, also jump to minon camps with it if you have vision! Also you can jump backwards over walls if your up against it with an enemy in frount of you. When your in Tag Team, you can use it to get to a running champ and slow them down and keep you in attack range. Don't be afraid to end tag team to keep in range after using vault as valor. Max second

Tag Team - Great for getting away, and chasing down for a kill. All your skills change after you use this ability but nothing like Nidalee or Jayce. When coming out of this ult you do a rain of arrow that do more damage based on how low there hp is. Learning when you should use this and when you shouldn't will set you apart from a bad or good quinn player. Max by 16.

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***Optional Items***

In all my guides I stress the importance of building different depending on the game. There is never 1 all end perfect build. Each game is different and calls for different items!

Offensive Optional

- This is an amazing item for different reasons. Its very good against CC heavy teams, gives you more movement speed and attack speed and even damage. You really can't go wrong with this item and I was very close to putting it in my core. You can buy this item over shiv.

- I personally love this item. If you get it you don't need to build as much AS with other items and I would get more AD/Crit items if you build this. Also the bolts do on hit effects. So you leech life steal from them along with your passive from other items. This really helps in team fight cause you can force down more then just one person which is unheard of in the game as an adc till this patch.

- Great item, a bit of everything. Gives you a slow and the shen effect is always nice. If you need some hp and want crit and even movement speed, then build it. But because of its cost I would build this item close to the end of your build. This item can be great in Tag Team if you get cooldown items then Q will not only blind them, but will give you a good damage bonus on your next attack.

- I don't normally get this item for adc, but because of valor it is very good. Pop the active and you will be like a bug that someone just cause get to leave them alone. No one will be able to get alway from you if your playing as valor. Also the cooldown is great for your Q and E along with extra armor pen!

Defensive Optional

- This item is for AP heavy CC teams, like Veigar. If your playing as Valor, the movement speed boost works for you too! I would pick Banshees over this item since the movement speed only works if your valor. But if you are playing vs a team with suppression ults like Malz or mord. Then get this item.

- The sheild it gives you is awesome, also if you have good life steal, you can survive crazy outcomes because of the extra damage and life steal. You can live through the crazist stuff if you also have hurricane and BORK.

- Oh I miss the days when wits removed peoples mana each hit. But still a good item. Great as an AS item and the mr is pretty awesome, good for in valor form. The 42 magic damage is also really great. I like to think this item has 42 AD on it, makes the item seem more awesome. (even if its magic damage)

- High life, and always have red buff. Awesome if you have Maws with this item. Some games you just need to build a bit tankyer, even more so if your being forced hard. Your attacks get a permanent red buff. Also with hurricane your bolts slow stuff too.

- This is a tank item, and honestly it should be left to the tanks to get it. Normally I would never get this on an adc and you shouldn't ether but there are some games that could call for this. If they build a very AD heavy team it maybe worth getting. You ult can help you a lot more if you are able to duel a bit better when you have to. But if they aren't AD heavy you should never need to get this item.

VS Tanky

- I won't lie, I did not like this item before the rework. But now it seems where it should be. Good vs armor heavy teams, great AD, good extra hp and cooldown reduction. Awesome. But if they really stack armor then Last whisper beats this item. But both together is a beautiful thing.

- Boss mode? I think so! Awesome life steal, great AS, also if they build HP and armor, this will melt them. It's the new blood razor! Also with Runaan's Hurricane the passive is on hit. Meaning that everyone your bolts hit do the hp shred with it! Although this is a great late game item. It is not a good early game item. It's attack damage isn't very good, it's attack speed is decent. But the reason for this item is it's passive that deals 5% of their current HP. Early game when no one has a lot of HP, this item isn't very effected right off the bat and you will over all increase your dps early game with blood over Bork.

- This item should be in the core build. But only reason it is not is because if your new to LoL, some teams may not get armor. But any team that does. This is a must buy.

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Counters and Match ups*New*

Now before I start this, keep in mind that supports aren't really put into the picture here. Also this is just talking about during the lane. Mid game/team fights the world changes. Also I believe there are 2 types of lane. A kill lane, and a Sustain lane. A kill lane would be a support like Blizcrank. A Sustain would be taric/sona/soraka.

- Your great vs most ADC but not Jayce. He has so many skills that it really doesn't matter if your blinded or not. He is hard to get away from and has crazy damage. You can see I had problems with him in my Tips and Tricks video. He doesn't normally ADC so you won't have problems with a top lane jayce till mid to late game.

Hard Counter - Cait doesn't out damage Quinn, but she out rangers her by 100. If you try to go in for some damage you are going to have a bad time because she can always just simply 90 Caliber Net away. Never try to engage cait in a straight up fight early game unless you clearly have the upper hand. Also her q goes threw minions so she can deal damage pretty well to you without worrying about return. Best to let her push you to the tower and safely farm into late game. Now valor on the other had makes it an even match up. Caitlyn should be able to get away to her tower but if not then valor will win vs a caitlyn early game.

Even Match Up - One of the meta game carries. Can flash out/in, great range with Q, just all around good carry. Your blind won't do you much good vs an ezreal, he can pop Q all day or if he needs to dodge Q with his blink. Best way to take him down is wait till he blinks, then dive him with your ult in 1v1s. You will have a few secs before he is able to blink again and you should be able to kill him or force him away before then. But you can trade pretty well vs a ezreal so I would still say you can hold your own against him in the lane.

Hard Counter- Another meta game carry and I believe to be your hard counter. Can jump in and out like ezreal. Deals tons of damage and has a lot of spam with his ult. Blind won't do you much good vs him. Most 1v1 he will come out on top. Best to play it safe and work with your team to beat him.

You Counter - Another meta game carry. Grave is the tankyest laners in the game, and matched up with taric, you just can't not push him out. But I believe quinn has the upper hand in this fight. His Q has a short range and you can stay out of his range pretty easy. If he ever dashes in you can always Q to get away from him(not to say you will get out of the damage). I believe your poke is better then graves from afar so take your time and push him out of lane.

Counter - It's true that you have much more mobility then Varus. But he is a powerhouse adc and quinn just isn't able to trade damage with varus in the lane. He has 2 long ranged pokes that do considerable amount of damage. Unless your running a Sustain lane he will push quinn out of lane. With a CC support(like lulu or bliz) you can shut him down. But without cc, he will push you out of lane time and time again.

You hard counter- Quinn beats Vayne. At least early game. Quinn has better poke and early game damage. Late game Vayne is a monster if fed, but in the lane quinn wins vs a Vayne no problem at all. Vayne doesn't have long range poke, and she just can't hope to trade with you. Only thing to look out for is her stun, so stay away from the brush if they are warding them.

You hard counter - Ash is an old Meta Game carry. Not used as much as she use to but still you will see ashes out there. So why do you counter? It's true ashe has alot of slows and she offers a lot to team fight. But quinn kit is build for laning. You can dodge her ult but Vault to a minion pretty easier, or even using your ult to get the movement speed to dodge. All her damage comes from auto attacks and you have a blind. Sorry ashe.

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Laning Phase and Tips and Tricks(Videos!)

Tips and trick video and show off the build a bit. First time editing to so the res is a little lower.

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Laning video. Little info about laning with Quinn

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Patch 3.6 Buff Update

This made two changes to Quinn to make you focus on the unique side.

Riot says:
"We wanted to highlight Quinn’s great strengths as an unconventional AD carry with high cross-map mobility. As such, Quinn can now use Tag Team more reliably in and out of fights, and the additional movement speed on Heightened Senses should allow her to remain more elusive in skirmishes.

For the other two changes, we gave Blinding Assault an ability power ratio so that players can gain some additional power when building items like Trinity Force or when receiving the Baron Nashor buff. For Vault, we added a mini stun on Quinn’s target as she dashes toward them, making it more reliable as an escape."

[*] Blinding Assault
Now has a 0.5 ability power ratio

[*] Heightened Senses
Passive as Quinn now grants 20/30/40/50/60 movement speed in addition to the attack speed bonus

[*] Vault
Now briefly interrupts the target

[*] Tag Team
Maximum movement speed bonus increased to 80/90/100% from 80% at all ranks
Base movement speed bonus increased to 20/30/40% from 20% at all ranks
Cooldown reduced to 140/110/80 seconds from 140/120/100
Skystrike can now be cast 1 second after activating Tag Team, down from 2.5

Vault This now has a small stun. This is huge for different reasons! This makes the skill better for getting away from targets. But it really makes it so you can out class people 1v1. Now not only do you have a build. You have a small stun which can be the difference between 1 more auto attack killing you.

Heightened Senses Has been buffed to also give you a movement speed boost on top of buffing its attack speed buff that was already there.

Blinding Assault This has been giving an 50% Ap ratio. This is to make items like Trinity Force more appealing for her. It has a movement speed buff and the ap will add more damage to your Q. It over all makes this item very good for her.

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Ladder Anxiety Series (Video!)

Tips for ladder and series coming soon (:

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