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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chad

New malady Teemo.

Chad Last updated on October 20, 2010
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So after the new teemo and malady changes hybrid and ap teemo is becoming more viable this build will show how teemo is not entended to be built to be his best. Ap and attack speed for poisen.

I will not be showing a early, mid, end game tips because you should already know what to do and im really high right now and too ****ing lazy to write them look at another teemo guide but use my items and + me cause its better haha.

Yes i know theres 7 items because its up to you if you want to take a bloodthirster or zhonyas ring last if you want more of a carry role take bloodthirster if you want to be more ap get a zhonyas and the active really helps in teamfights if you get focused.

Remember to always apply shrooms for safe gettaways in teamfights.

Also i didnt list runes because its really up to you what you want if you want attackspeed reds or ect. or more ap runes. also hp runes are somthing teemo may need as he is very squishy.