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League of Legends Build Guide Author PilzHeer

Noob Vamping- Blood for the Masses

PilzHeer Last updated on January 22, 2011
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This is just a quick experimental build I whipped up for a friend. Runes and Masteries have been left out to encourage experimentation in this regard.

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Just a brief note or two on the items. The type of shoes you build should depend on what the enemy team is doing. Lots of CC, Merc Treads, lots of MR, Sorcerer`s shoes.

Also, the last four items should be obtained in order of necessity. Find you need more MR? Grab scepter first. Find you need more armour? Go for Omen. You should probably build a giant's belt after your first or second grab of this set, but when you turn it into a sunfire is still up to you.