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Rammus Build Guide by AndrePees

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AndrePees

Off-Tank Rammus

AndrePees Last updated on February 21, 2014
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Hello, this is my first guide and I'm not really spending too much time on it. It is more of just a bare-bones build than a 'guide'. This is just a really good build for damage and tankiness with Rammus and I have a high success rate with it. Anyways, sorry this is so lazy and rushed but I hope you can appreciate the idea. The general strategy with this build is to q in with your team, e a high priority target, w, then ult when the other team collapses or if you think you need more damage. Try to be in the middle a lot since you'll be doing a lot of proxy/ aoe damage, especially with your ult. This build spikes mid game and holds up throughout the entirety of the match. GL HF GG -AndrePees